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Trump Stuck Between the NRA and a Liberal Agenda

Well, I never thought I’d see it happen, given the perverse symbiotic relationship between Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association, but it appears the gun rights group has been caught off guard by the president’s sudden leftward turn on the topic of gun ownership.

I mean, his executive order on banning bump stocks and suppressors wasn’t warning enough?

We tried to tell them.

In the wake of several mass shootings over the past weekend (El Paso and Dayton), President Trump has expressed interest in the liberal proposal of “red flag” laws, as well as extended background checks on those who wish to purchase firearms.

These red flag laws would allow for law enforcement or family members to petition the courts to have firearms of citizens confiscated.

On the surface, these laws seem reasonable enough. With most every mass shooter, there always seems to have been some sort of warning sign that was either ignored or brushed away. What if someone had acted sooner?

We would like to think that there is a proactive measure to prevent gun crimes, and I’m not ready to say there aren’t some things that can be done, but a kneejerk reaction to mass shootings – and that’s what red flag laws, as well as Trump’s response are – miss the bigger picture.

When the government starts “tweaking” our Constitution and the rights afforded us therein, it never works out well for a free republic.

The concern for the vast majority of law-abiding gun owners is that these red flag laws could provide the necessary loopholes to further erode our Second Amendment rights.

Acting weird or odd should not be a qualifier for losing your rights.

Someone acting on a grudge should not be a reason to lose your rights, but there are no guarantees that these laws will not lead to that exact scenario.

So back to the NRA.

The Washington Post is reporting that NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre has reached out to the president and expressed his concerns, even warning Trump against supporting any bills that could infringe on the rights of gun owners.

I suppose this is going to be a test of who Trump actually listens to. Along with pretty much the whole of the GOP, he’s been accused of being in the pocket of the NRA. Meanwhile, liberal politicians are courting him on the idea of these new restrictions to gun ownership.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who is pressing Trump on legislation to expand background checks along with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), told The Post that Trump also called him on Tuesday to discuss the measure.

Manchin said Trump “was inquisitive” about the bill, “wanting to know why it hadn’t happened.”

“He wanted to know all about it,” Manchin continued. “I told him we couldn’t get enough Republicans to help us.”

“If you don’t stand up and say, ‘This is a piece of legislation I support,’ we’re not going to get enough cover to have Republicans stand tall. They won’t be able to do it,” Manchin said.

Democrats are learning how to read the Donald. Appeal to his ego. Tell him he has pretty eyes. They could get anything they wanted from him.

But again, what about the NRA? They’ve supported Trump, unwaveringly, since the primaries of the 2016 election. Are they to be the jilted prom date?

President Trump addressed their concerns in his discussion with Manchin and Toomey, apparently.

“I told him, we don’t expect the NRA to be supportive,” Manchin said. “Mr. President, in all honesty, when you did the bump stocks, they weren’t for you. They were against that, too. You didn’t take any hit on that.”

That’s right. They weren’t for you. They doubted you, but you have a friend in us!

I saw what you did there, Senator. Nicely played.

Though Toomey declined to go into detail about his conversations with the president on possible legislation, he told The Post: “I will just tell you generally the president is open-minded about this,” Toomey said.

And “open-minded” coming from the left is a not-so-thinly-veiled euphemism for “compliant.”

We’re in slippery slope territory. At least some of us have seen for some time that there’s very little difference between the two major parties, these days. When they both collaborate on squelching the freedoms of the citizenry, to provide a little temporary emotional comfort from perceived threats, however, there’s no good place to land.

Compare the number of mass shooters to the number of citizens in this nation who own guns and do not use them to commit atrocities.

There is no comparison. Most of us understand the responsibility of owning a firearm. Most of us are not killers.

The problem is a heart problem. It is a spiritual void, and those with unmet needs are lashing out.

You won’t legislate the heart, but this callous generation will continue to look for political fixes to spiritual maladies.

But I digress…

If President Trump sides with Democrats on this issue, it is a major win over conservatives, as well as a real blow against our Second Amendment rights.


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