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If Trump is Responsible for El Paso, Ocasio-Cortez is Responsible for Tacoma

This is the dangerous game we’re playing now.

Regina of the Capitol Hill Mean Girls clique is at it again, as the Hill notes in the following story:

If you have the stomach for it, here’s the bottom line:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) late Monday said that President Trump’s divisive rhetoric on immigration was “directly responsible” for the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, that left at least 22 people dead. 

The freshman New York congresswoman made the comments while speaking at a vigil in Brooklyn for the victims of the shooting in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, according to the New York Daily News. 

“I’m tired of the questioning if the president is racist. He is,” Ocasio-Cortez told a crowd of about 500 people, the newspaper noted. 

Again, I stand befuddled as to why the rantings of as third-rate intellect from a Congressional district nobody outside of New York has ever even heard of should merit so much attention, but since the media has elevated Ocasio-Cortez to celebrity status, it’s left to the rest of us to deal with the mess—so here we are.

Simply put, if Donald Trump’s rhetoric about illegal immigration and the need to defend the border are directly responsible for the horrible mass shooting in El Paso, then Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric about Immigration and Customs Enforcement running concentration camps is directly responsible for the terrorist attack on an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington last July. In fact, there’s even hard evidence that links Ocasio-Cortez to the ICE attacker, as he used the exact same “concentration camp” language in his manifesto. From everything I’ve seen, the El Paso shooter never quoted Trump directly.

And yet, and yet…

Of course, the mainstream media won’t report it this way, as they’re not interested in de-escalating tensions and providing a forum for rational discussion in which we, as a nation, might begin to address the very real problem of politically-inspired violence. Instead, they’ll just continue excusing the violence committed by left-wing activists while holding all conservatives responsible for the depraved acts of right-wing extremists—which all but guarantees that we’ll see even more violence from both sides.

Is this what Democrats and the media really want? Because it’s sure beginning to look that way.

Correction: The headline of this story originally identified Spokane as the location of the ICE attack. It has been corrected to Tacoma.


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