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Media Bias Illustrated

It’s the reason we can never have an honest conversation about mass shootings.

I’ve mentioned before in these pages that the media will often reveal their biases not in what they report in their news coverage, but what they leave out—and I encountered a pretty good object lesson in that on my way to the office today.

As per my usual habit, I tuned into News Radio 970 WFLA, the local power talker here in Tampa Bay, and the station that happens to run Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. If you think all that conservative programming would rub off on WFLA’s news department, though, you would be mistaken—as I heard yet again during the top of-the-hour news break, when the topic turned to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio over the weekend.

For the El Paso story, they rolled a network package that focused heavily on the shooter’s animus toward Hispanic immigrants as his motive, and how authorities would be charging him as a domestic terrorist because of that. When they moved on to Dayton, however, the coverage took a different turn. That story mentioned nothing about the shooter’s background or motives, and instead featured a sound bite from one local resident who lamented that something “needed to be done” about all these mass shootings. It ended by noting that Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine—whom they identified as a Republican, naturally—had come up against chants of, “No more!” as he delivered remarks expressing sympathy for the victims.

Why the discrepancy? Well, it might have something to do with this:

And there’s this.

In other words, Dayton doesn’t fit the narrative of the crazed, bigoted, white nationalist murderer that El Paso does—and so the shooter’s history gets airbrushed out of the coverage. I’m guessing that in short order, Dayton will be forgotten by the media completely, flushed down the same memory hole where James Hodgkinson went after he tried to assassinate a bunch of Republicans on a baseball field.

Meanwhile, the national news media continues to preen as if they’re not part of the problem.

But honestly, what would be the point? The last time CNN hosted one of these pointless “town halls,” they set up Dana Loesch and Marco Rubio to be the designated villains facing the wrath of Parkland survivors, all while letting the disgraced Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel—who bore a large amount of direct responsibility for allowing that massacre to happen—act as if he had nothing to do with it.

That isn’t the behavior of a media that is interested in having an honest conversation about anything.

And so they’ll continue to vent about how wanting to protect our borders is really white nationalist rhetoric that inspires mass murder, while leftist rhetoric about how ICE is running concentration camps doesn’t bring out the crazies at all. The public will then get all riled up as they choose sides, with the left absolutely convinced they’re on the side of goodness and morality and the right getting more and more exasperated with how their views are being misrepresented.

And nothing will get solved.


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