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Karen Handel on Her Plans to Recapture Georgia’s 6th District

She's getting ready to send "Rocky Top" Lucy McBath back to Tennessee.

Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel lost her seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District thanks to a combination of factors: a lack of support from the national GOP in Georgia and winner Lucy McBath riding on the coattails of Stacey Abrams.

Handel is challenging “Rocky Top” McBath [who actually lives in Tennessee, not Georgia] in 2020 to reclaim the district. She spoke with Erick Erickson at the Resurgent Gathering in Atlanta.

Handel rightly noted that the policies that McBath has supported in office don’t reflect the values of voters in the 6th District. She pointed out McBath’s commitment to gun control and support for nearly doubling the minimum wage in particular. Handel also noted that McBath doesn’t bother to reach out to localities in her district.

“You need to have a representative that understands who important it is to interact with local government in your district,” Handel pointed out. “Lucy McBath doesn’t do that.”

Handel also had words for McBath on her frequent appearances on MSNBC.

“Something that I’ve observed about these newly elected Democrats is that they’re extremely interested in national celebrity,” said Handel. “Being in Congress isn’t being a celebrity. It’s about being an extension of the people in your district every single day.”

Why is the 6th District so important? “Georgia’s 6th and 7th districts are crucial in getting Donald Trump and David Perdue reelected,” Handel explained.

Handel also provided a peek behind the curtain of Washington and talked about the relationships between Georgia’s GOP representatives. She spoke about the close knit nature of Georgia’s Republican delegation and explained how they have worked together to protect Georgia’s military installations.

“We represent our districts, but we’re part of a whole Georgia team,” she said.

Handel believes that she can win the 6th District back for the GOP.

“I’m going to work so hard to earn your vote and get the 6th District back into competent hands,” she said. Here’s hoping she can finish the drill and go back to the House.


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