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Chip Roy Is Frustrated at The Swamp, The Debt and the Border

Frustration. That describes two things today: Rep. Chip Roy’s opinion of Congress, and the fact that I wrote a 1200-word piece on Roy’s half-hour on stage with Erick Erickson at the 2019 Resurgent Gathering in Atlanta, which my computer ate in one bite.

Now I’m writing another one. As Inigo Montoya said, there is too much. I will sum up.

Chip Roy represents Texas’ 21st district. My experience with him up to this point had been one of anger, because Roy forced Congress to return and vote by name on a bill to give Georgia farmers emergency relief from Hurricane Michael, which was long, long overdue. Roy’s problem with the bill is that it was chock-full of pork. It represented the swamp and Roy hates the swamp almost as much as he hates cancer.

Roy hates cancer because he survived it, and the perspective of that battle hardened him to what others think of him. (If you read the truly awful tweets of truly awful people who root for cancer because they hate Chip Roy, you’d be thankful he has that thick skin.)

Two things: Chip Roy hates the swamp, the debt, and a do-nothing Democrat-controlled House of Representatives that lets America, our debt, and our border problem fester. The second is that Chip Roy has his facts together. To borrow from “O Brother Where Art Thou”: He ain’t lyin!

Roy said during his time on stage that our national debt grows by $100 million an hour. He said Politifact rated this “mostly true.” Yes, they did.

He said that former Defense Secretary Gen. Jim Mattis agreed that the national debt was our biggest national security threat. He did say that. He said the interest on our debt will surpass defense spending in 2024.

Roy said that the western hemisphere is “on fire” and that the U.S.-Mexican border was effectively under “operational control” of Mexican drug cartels. He is right.

He waved his cell phone showing pictures he claimed Border Patrol officers sent him, with hundreds of undocumented immigrants an hour overwhelming their ability to intercept them, leaving Texas authorities to handle the flood.

“It’s getting exponentially worse,” Roy said. In frustration, he asked “Why isn’t Congress doing its job?”

He railed against the swamp, calling it a “fundamental disconnect between Washington D.C. and the people.”

“Spending is a proxy for government getting big,” Roy said, “… and taking over your life.”

He asked us to re-examine the use and role of our military around the world. “The basics of defending your nation is securing your border,” Roy said. “That’s like issue number one.”

Roy is frustrated, but he’s not wilting, especially not at the prospect of facing Wendy Davis, who Erickson once dubbed “Abortion Barbie” in his 2020 re-election campaign. He warned that Democrats will raise a lot of money, but Roy is sticking to his guns.

Frustration has a way of focusing energy, just like cancer has a way of focusing gratitude. On the swamp, the debt, and the border, Chip Roy is not backing down.

“If anybody thinks if I care for one second what Democrats want to say about  me…they are sorely mistaken.”

I think Chip Roy is right. And this post is better than the one my computer ate.


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