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Mike Pence at the Resurgent Gathering

The Vice President talks about the course for the next four years.

Vice President Mike Pence took to the stage at the Resurgent gathering to a warm welcome from the crowd. He began his remarks by thanking Erick Erickson for inviting him to come down and speak with everyone. He also thanked Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for his steady, conservative leadership, and—of course—President Trump .

Pence, who served as a six-term Congressman and governor of Indiana, said that it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve with the current administration, which has been steadily turning our nation back to the ideals of its founding. He also had high praise for conservative activists, both in the audience and around the country, for helping to reverse the leftward drift of the Obama years.

As for President Trump, Pence minced no words. Trump promised action, and we got action. Trump promised results, and we got results. Promises made are now promises kept—and, as the Vice President added to much applause, “We’re just getting started!”

Pence then spoke about how the administration has cut taxes, rolled back red tape, unleashed the energy sector, instigated better trade deals and put Americans first. He praised the 6.2 million new jobs created since Trump won election, citing that the unemployment rate is now at a 15 year low—and is the lowest ever measured for Hispanic and African-Americans. Wages are also rising at a fastest in the 10 years, most rapidly for blue collar workers. “The forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more,” Pence said, and vowed that we will “keep fighting until we make the country more prosperous than we could ever imagine.”

He went on to laud President Trump for how deeply he cares about the military, and praised how and how the administration has made a priority of rebuilding it. That rebuilding has made it possible for America to once again embrace our role as leader of the free world. “How great is it,” Pence asked, “to have a PRESIDENT standing up for America on the world stage instead of apologizing for it?”

Moving on to the courts, Pence then highlighted the 140 judges that Trump has appointed, and who the Senate has confirmed—including Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. Originalists all, they will help to uphold our fundamental Constitutional rights to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. As to the sanctity of human life, Pence also said that he is proud to serve with a President who stands for that without equivocation.

Even with all these gains, however, Pence reiterated Trump’s mantra that it’s just a good start. The administration will continue to press ahead, and let nothing slow them down.

Pence did issue a warning though, that everything could be in jeopardy if conservatives don’t work hard to ensure victory in 2020. He cited the recent Democrat debates, of which he thought the candidates had veered so hard to left he feared “the stage would tip over.” Every would-be nominee for President advocated higher taxes, open borders, free health care for illegal immigrants. He added that those who push these policies are only making the crisis at the border worse. In spite of all the Democrat obstruction, though, the Vice President praised Republicans in Congress for shepherding through $15 billion in desperately needed humanitarian aid, and elicited more cheers when he said that we are finally building a wall on the southern border.

Pence expressed dismay at hearing Democrats openly advocate socialism, under the guise of the Green New Deal and Medicare for all. It was freedom, he said, not socialism, that gave us the most prosperous nation in history of the world. “The moment America becomes a socialist country is the moment America ceases to be America,” he said, and repeated President Trump’s promise, “We will never be a socialist country!”

To make sure that doesn’t happen, though, Pence admonished activists to redouble their efforts so that President Trump gets four more years in the White House. Four more years means more jobs, more judges, more support for the troops, and more time to drain the swamp. Each of us, Pence said, has a role to play. “Make your voice heard,” he told everyone. “Tell your stories, and talk about what we’ve been able to accomplish. Make sure that siren song of socialism doesn’t take hold in the hearts of the new generation. And have faith in the American people, and their capacity to see through all the noise and choose freedom.”

“When we are champions for Liberty,” Pence finished, quoting Scripture inscribed on the Liberty Bell, “we make God’s work our own.”


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