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What We’re Up Against In 2020

Senator David Perdue (R-GA)
by Senator David Perdue (R-GA) Read Profile arrow_right_alt

I never thought we would be debating capitalism versus socialism in my lifetime. However, after watching the Democratic presidential debates this week, it has become clear that we are in an ideological war for the future of our Republic.

Throughout the current presidential campaign, Democrats have proposed increasingly radical socialist policies.

Bernie Sanders said “you’re damn right” he would end private health insurance. 

Elizabeth Warren said she would “get rid of the Electoral College.” 

Kamala Harris said packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices is “on the table.”

Democrats are promising to decriminalize illegal border crossings and provide free health care to those here illegally. They are promising higher taxes. They are promising to effectively legalize infanticide. They have supported a “Green New Deal,” which would crush our economy and hit working families hardest.

The irony is that these socialist policies have always failed the very people they claim to champion: the working middle class and the working poor. 

I have lived and worked under socialism. I have lived in countries with socialized medicine. I have run multi-national businesses and seen how a government-run economy closes doors for consumers and shuts down entrepreneurship and risk-taking. I have seen how socialist wealth redistribution through heavy taxes encourages corruption, tax evasion, and ultimately hurts the workers the government claims it is trying to help.

Socialist experiments have failed around the world. The clearest example is the Soviet Union. Greece’s economy has since collapsed. Venezuela is a failed state. Cuba is a disaster.

No matter where it has been tried, socialism’s price has always been freedom.

Unfortunately, America has been on a 100-year slide towards socialism, thanks to times when Democrats had complete control over the government. These gave us the New Deal, the Great Society, Obamacare, and Dodd-Frank. These sweeping programs have cost taxpayers trillions, yet they have failed. 

The government has failed time and time again to deliver on its promises to the American people. The Great Society’s War on Poverty failed. Even after creating the Department of Education and implementing 163 STEM education programs across 13 agencies, America’s fifteen-year-olds are still 38th and 24th in the world at math and science. A number of other government-run organizations and programs, such as the VA, the Postal Service, and Obamacare, have all failed – the list goes on and on. 

The economic disaster of the Obama administration is the most recent example of how more government crushes economic growth. GDP growth under Obama was a paltry 1.9 percent, making it the slowest recovery in modern history. We were told that 2 percent growth was America’s “new norm.” 

However, in 2016, America sent an outsider to shake up Washington when it elected President Donald J. Trump. Since then, we have seen the greatest economic turnaround in U.S. history. 

Crushing regulations have been reversed. Our energy potential has been unleashed. Our tax code has been changed to make us more competitive. The most onerous parts of Dodd-Frank have been repealed. 

As a result, over six million new jobs have been created. Median household income is the highest it has ever been. Unemployment is at a 50-year low. African-American, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment is the lowest ever measured. 

Since President Trump took office, we have begun to successfully change the direction of our country by putting trust back into the free-enterprise system. We have begun to reverse America’s 100-year slide towards socialism. Today’s Democrat Party, on the other hand, would accelerate this 100-year slide into a full-blown avalanche. We cannot afford to let that happen. 

The choice in 2020 is not about personality. It is about what kind of nation we will leave for our children, and our children’s children. It is about America’s national interest versus political self-interest. It is about self-determination versus total state control. It is about America’s Founding Principles – economic opportunity, fiscal responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty – versus radical socialist policies that have failed repeatedly around the world.


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