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Capital Punishment and Abortion: A Helpful Refresher for Liberal Activists

Here are two positions that can be logically defended:

Human life is precious and inviolable.  Both abortion and capital punishment are immoral acts.

Human life is precious and inviolable.  Abortion is immoral while capital punishment is sometimes the only appropriate and just penalty.

Here is a position that cannot be logically defended:

Human life is precious and inviolable.  Capital punishment is immoral while abortion is always a moral right.

It’s difficult to understand how this would be difficult to follow.  Capital punishment deprives those guilty of heinous crimes against humanity of their lives.  Abortion deprives an innocent human baby of her life.

It is logical that one would oppose the deprivation of anyone’s life, just as it is logical that one would oppose the deprivation of an innocent child’s life while still supporting the execution of a capital offender.  It is wholly illogical, however, to oppose the execution of a vile criminal who has exhausted all legal appeals while supporting the willful homicide of a child in utero. 

Yet somehow, abortion proponents like Hollywood activist Alyssa Milano, manage to persistently miss this, demonstrating a morally stunted worldview and dark heart.  How dark?  Recently, on moral grounds, Milano objected to the execution of:

  • White supremacist Daniel Lee, who used a stun gun to subdue a family of three (a Dad, Mom, and 8-year-old daughter) before robbing them, wrapping plastic bags sealed with duct tape around their heads, tying rocks to their bodies and dumping them in a bayou.
  • Monstrous Lezmond Mitchell who stabbed a 63-year-old grandma to death in front of her 9-year-old granddaughter, who was then forced to ride in a car next to her grandma’s lifeless body before having her own throat slit twice.  Mitchell crushed the child’s head with rocks, decapitated both victims, before burying them to hide his crime.
  • Rapist Wesley Purkey who not only sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl before dismembering her, but also used a claw hammer to bludgeon an 80-year-old, polio-stricken woman to death.

Milano, who being of #MeToo fame, you would think would take a bit more critical angle against serial rapists and woman-killers, decried the execution of these “*actual*” people while simultaneously championing the execution of those humans in the womb she doesn’t see as human enough. 

This isn’t smart; it isn’t rational; it isn’t logical.  It’s macabre, and civilized minds see it as precisely that.


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