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A Tale of Two Milestones

Elizabeth Warren and John Hickenlooper are celebrating notably different landmarks in their campaigns.

With approximately a thousand Democrats running for president, sometimes it’s tough to distinguish yourself. So when you have a reason to celebrate, you crow about it as much as you can. Let’s take a look at two recent announcements by two presidential candidates.

First, there’s Elizabeth “Stands with a Fist of Cash” Warren. Everyone’s favorite pretend Native American sent an email announcing her one-millionth donation, as well as a remarkable $19 million haul for the second quarter of 2019.

CNN reports:

In the thank you and fundraising email, Warren’s campaign manager Roger Lau touts what he calls a “100% people-powered campaign,” and writes that the more than million donations is “exciting proof of the momentum that we see on the ground across the country.”

“We just passed our one-millionth donation to this campaign — it came from Caitlyn, an ESL teacher from Tennessee,” Lau writes. “That’s one million donations solely from grassroots donors. That means zero from closed-door fundraising events. Zero from Washington lobbyists. Zero from corporate PACs, or PACs of any kind.”

Way to go Caitlyn.

Contrast Warren’s announcement with John Hickenlooper’s milestone.

Hickenlooper’s 2% polling puts him on par with Cory Booker and Robert Francis O’Rourke. For a bit of contrast, “Don’t Know” polled at 7%.

It says a lot about today’s Democratic voters and candidates that the candidate most averse to socialism is polling way back in a tie for eighth place.

Another telling aspect of the poll is that when pollsters asked the question, “In general, how do you feel about the candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination — as a group, are the candidates too liberal, too conservative, or about right?” 37% replied that this crop of Democrats is “about right,” in contrast to 40% who said they’re “too liberal” and a mind-blowing 9% who say the candidates are “too conservative.”

Either way, the milestones are significant for both campaigns, even as they’re remarkably different. The real question is whether either of them stand the remotest chance of winning the Democratic nomination – a question I think we could answer for both candidates with a resounding “no.”


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