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Memory Holed

Words equal violence if you’re a Republican—but actual violence isn’t really violence if you’re a Democrat.

Does the name James Hodgkinson ring a bell?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t. In case you need a refresher, he’s the guy who showed with a rifle up at a baseball practice in DC a couple of years ago intending to assassinate as many Republican congressmen as possible. Fortunately, Hodgkinson didn’t manage to kill anybody before Capitol Hill police took him down—but he did gravely wound Louisiana representative Steve Scalise, who subsequently spent months recovering from his wounds.

Hodgkinson, you see, had a real beef with Republicans. An ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, he’d gotten the idea stuck in his head that the GOP wanted to take health care away from poor people, which would lead to the deaths of millions of innocent Americans. Where did he get such a crazy notion? Why, by listening to his hero, of course:

Sanders hastily deleted this tweet in the wake of the shootings, but it’s not as though he toned down the rhetoric much—nor was he the only Democrat who basically accused Republicans of plotting genocide on the poor. Here’s just a sampling of the dire warnings they issued in the hopes of calling their supporters to action:

On CNN, Montel Williams: GOP Plan Would Send 140 Million to ‘Death.’”
—Headline, NewsBusters.

“Let us be clear and this is not trying to be overly dramatic: Thousands of people will die if the Republican health care bill becomes law.
—Not-deleted tweet by Bernie Sanders

“Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this bill, they’re the death party.”
—Not-deleted tweet by Hillary Clinton

Mind you, these last three statements came just days after Hodgkinson’s attack, in which the gunman explicitly stated that he wanted to kill Republicans to keep them from passing their own health care bill—so, apparently, Democrat shyness over inciting violence among the party faithful had swiftly evaporated. And why not? As our intrepid leader stated in a tweet of his own yesterday:

Yes, friends and neighbors, a mere three days after an attempted mass murder of Congressional representatives, our news media pretty much dropped the story. And yet, and yet. . .five days after President Trump tweeted that perhaps Ilhan Omar should go back to her home country of Somalia and solve the problems there before presuming to tell America how to solve its supposed problems here, the tweets are all the media can talk about.

Anybody else seeing a pattern here?

And it’s not just Hodgkinson. Only last Saturday, an Antifa partisan outraged over the treatment of illegal immigrants tried to firebomb an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, Washington. What ginned up such outrage? Well, there’s this:

And, more ominously, there’s this:

It appears as if that nutcase in Tacoma took Pressley quite literally—and paid for it with his life. Antifa, meanwhile, is praising the man as a martyr, hoping that others will follow in his footsteps. And yet somehow the news media don’t seem nearly as interested in this story either—not while they’re protecting the country from the pernicious danger of Trump’s tweets.

There’s an old maxim that you can tell a lot about the media by the stories they don’t cover, and these events serve as a perfect case in point. On the one hand, by presenting the President’s tweets in the most unfavorable light possible, they advance the same Orange Man Bad narrative that they’ve deployed ever since Trump defeated their lord and savior Hillary. On the other hand, by ignoring the actual violence inspired by extreme leftist rhetoric, they provide cover for their political allies—even when that cover literally gets people killed. Taking a page from George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the media simply toss any story that doesn’t fit their preferred narrative down the Memory Hole, where in short order they can pretend it never even existed at all.

Is it any wonder that nobody trusts them anymore?


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