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Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

GA Speaker of the House Ralston succeeds in helping child molester skate.

You would think that with all the outrage about Jeffrey Epstein, judges and DA’s would be loathe to let an admitted child molester off with a slap on the wrist. But rest assured, here in Georgia it’s business as usual.

We’ve written at length here how Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston has abused his position to keep his legal clients from going to trial. Sometimes, for years. This had been an open secret in the Georgia legal community but the public was just made aware of it this year when the mother of one of the victims went to the press. Well, finally this child predator faced his day in court. The result? 10 years probation.

On Wednesday, Jason Brother pled guilty to 2 counts of felony sexual battery on a minor. Because of his 6 years under house arrest, his probation will only last 4 years. Oh, and he has to register as a sex offender (which is something, I guess.)

Enotah Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jeff Langley said this deal was “the best thing he could do for the victim” after all the delays. He would have had a stronger case if he had been able to drag the defendant into a courtroom 6 years ago.

“The jury sees a 21-year-old woman, not that 14-year-old victim. We were relying on witnesses remembering something that happened in 2012. That makes it difficult on prosecutors. It raises all those questions about how clear are memories.”

Yeah, well you know what they say about justice delayed being justice denied.

The victim’s mother agreed to this deal in order to spare her daughter from further trauma.

“I feel like he got just a slap on the wrist. I think that’s what all Ralston’s clients intend to get, which is why they hire him.”

As for Ralston, he seems to be satisfied with the outcome. He issued a statement through a spokesman via email:

“As is often the case in criminal proceedings, the Brothers case was resolved by a negotiated plea agreed to by the District Attorney and my client and accepted in open court.”

Yeah, that IS so often the case. If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the same reasoning we hear over and over in these cases. You don’t even have to be rich and powerful like Epstein to avoid jail for sexual assault on a minor. But it sure helps if you can afford to hire David Ralston as your attorney.

So, one more sex offender avoids justice. What can the people do? We can start by insisting that judges and prosecutors quit cutting these ridiculous plea deals. We can demand justice for our children.

And if you’re a Georgia voter, you can ask your elected representative why they continue to support David Ralston for Speaker.


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