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Dear Feminists, Christianity Isn’t the Problem…This Is

It’s happened again.  This time it was Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse who wrote an entire article blasting Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster for abiding by the so-called “Mike Pence Rule.”  For those unaware, this is the practice of Christian men, first made popular by minister-to-the-presidents Billy Graham, of not meeting privately with women they are not married to.  The discipline is fairly self-explanatory: it is to avoid the appearance of impropriety, to avoid the likelihood of false accusation, and to avoid any potential temptation.

And that drives Monica batty.  She scoffs,

“[R]ules like these don’t honor your wife. They just presume that your marriage vows are so flimsy that you can’t be trusted to uphold them unless a babysitter monitors you.”

That’s one way of looking at it, I suppose.  The same way espoused back in March by Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris who blasted the practice as “ridiculous” and “outrageous.”  Of course, Harris is also the woman known to have engaged in an extra-marital affair with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown in order to advance her political career. 

What are the odds Monica Hesse and the Washington Post will do a follow-up interview with Mayor Brown’s wife to see if she would have preferred her husband keep the Pence Rule rather than meeting privately with Kamala?  Probably not very good since the real motive here isn’t to advance the cause of femininity.  It’s a poorly-veiled attack on what Hesse and her bosses at the Washington Post see as the real roadblocks to societal evolution: Bible-believers.  She condemns,

“Their discrimination is wrapped in piety; their disdain for women is disguised as honor for wives. Rather than figuring out how to do something truly moral, like create a world in which all genders are equally able to succeed, they create a delusion where women must be protected into oblivion.”

I remember reading a Sports Illustrated cover story years ago about all-NBA superstar David Robinson, who happened to be an outspoken Christian.  In the course of the story, the reporter asked Robinson why he was so short and dismissive after ballgames with young, attractive females who came looking for autographs, pictures, and other things.  His response was straightforward: “If any woman is going to have her feelings hurt, it’s not going to be my wife.”

Personally, I think that is awesome.  But in the world of Hesse, and the Washington Post, Robinson is the problem.  And that’s what is so confusing about this current movement of would-be feminists.  They direct their ire and hatred at “the patriarchy,” by which they largely mean Bible-believing, God-honoring Christians.  Allow me to humbly suggest that’s flatly, foolishly absurd. 

In fact, I’ll go a step further and say that one has to freely and fully take leave of their moral senses to come to such a conclusion.  If you want to promote the dignity of women, or at least make a dent in misogyny, here’s where an intellectually honest, sane person would start:

  • Shutter the hip hop industry instead of celebrate it.  The rank objectification of women as nothing but sexual playthings is breathtaking in this industry.  And it’s promoted by lyrics and videos written and performed by women as well as men.
  • End abortion-on-demand, which stands as the greatest ally to human trafficking and the best friend sex abusers could desire.  Abortion allows for women to be used sexually without any sense of commitment or responsibility – if misogyny has any meaning whatsoever, that’s it.
  • Attack and wage a cultural war against pornography rather than eagerly defending it as free speech and expression.
  • Shame Hollywood for their moral degeneracy that exploits women’s bodies as the most noteworthy and notable thing about them.

But supposed feminists do none of those things.  In fact, far from opposing them, they celebrate, defend, and join those causes.  The uncomfortable truth is that those who have rejected Christ as the center of their existence lack a grounded moral compass. 

That’s exactly how, as insane as it seems, someone can tweet glowingly about the most recent objectifying episode of The Bachelor, jam to degrading Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z “songs,” as they drive to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser…right before getting angry with Christians for being sexist when they act to protect their marriage and the feelings of their wives.

Mindless?  Yes.  Unsurprising?  Absolutely.


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