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Bernie’s Back-And-Forth on Attending Netroots Nation May Reveal a Thin Skin

Bernie Sanders has decided to skip the left-centric Netroots Nation conference that’s taking place this weekend in Philadelphia. Surprisingly, his cancellation doesn’t appear to having anything to with having to refer to people of color as “sunkissed.”

Ostensibly, Sanders has bowed out of Nutroots Nation because of a scheduling conflict, but there may be more at play here. The senator dithered over whether to attend before deciding to decline, and The Daily Beast reports that he and his team had concerns over the neutrality of one of the moderators.

…members of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) team raised concerns about one of the moderators who would be asking questions at a presidential candidate forum on Saturday, according to two sources who described the conversations to The Daily Beast. 

The campaign’s questions centered on Markos Moulitsas, the founder and publisher of the progressive activist website Daily Kos, who has been publicly critical of the Independent from Vermont. 

Sanders’ concerns stem from the idea that because Moulitsas has been critical of the senator recently, he might not be able to moderate the forum without bias.

Indeed, Moulitstas has expressed his reservations about Sanders, calling him divisive and insightfully pointing out that the senator “has the exact same message he had four years ago.”

Sanders even felt the need to respond to Moulitsas on Twitter:

(Once your eyes stop rolling, read on…)

Isn’t it a little weird that a grown man would spend so much time going back and forth on whether to attend a conference based on if someone is going to treat him fairly? Is he so thin-skinned that he can’t handle criticism? And could it be that, for once, he may be able to identify with conservatives who rarely get a fair shake from the media?

The scheduling conflict was a nice way out for Sanders; otherwise, I think he would’ve had to put on his big boy pants, suck it up, and take his lumps.

It’s tough enough to take Bernie Sanders seriously on policy grounds alone, and I’ll never understand why he has so much appeal to so many. Knowing that he and his team have grumbled so much about potentially not being treated fairly by a critic makes him even worse in my eyes.

It’s a shame he’s not going. Hearing him have to take come criticism may have made for good copy.


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