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Thanks to His Enemies, Trump Wins Again

I don’t think Trump is some political genius that is 20,000 steps ahead of everyone else, including his opponents.  In fact, I think it’s fairly laughable to even suggest that.  What I do think is that his opponents are so incapable of controlling their deranged hatred of him that it makes it appear he is playing them like a fiddle.

This last week, what should have been a unifying moment of celebrating America’s Independence and nationhood served as a prime example.  Here’s what I mean…

Trump decides he is going to commemorate the country’s 243rd birthday by hosting a presidentially-backed parade and rally, open to the general public on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., celebrating America’s achievements, her first responders, and all-volunteer military.  His culminating speech would include no political statements or endorsements.

How does the media that he regularly calls an enemy of American people react?  All major broadcast networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as cable outlet MSNBC refuse to even cover the national celebration.  As for CNN’s coverage?  Curtis Houck summed it up this way:

Over the course of about 28 minutes of airtime (including commercials) following the President’s Fourth of July event A Salute to America, CNN’s The Situation Room put on one of the most disgraceful displays of liberal media bias, Trump hatred, and slights at America you’ll ever see.

Attacking the President like bitter preschoolers, a cast of CNN personalities bashed the Trump speech as a “rudimentary” “eighth grade history” report ripping off of Schoolhouse Rock and Wikipedia to create a work of “jingoism and militaristic virtue.”

MSNBC contributor Joy Ann Reid, famous only for her ability to evade termination after a series of past homophobic remarks surfaced, panicked that Trump’s “military armada” represented a threat to Americans.  Fellow contributor and Harvard Law prof Laurence Tribe joined the collective hand-wringing, apparently imagining himself staring down the barrel of a tank:

The craziness was so widespread in the media, that even the food critic at the Washington Post got into the act, as Tim Carman wrote on Instagram,

“Thought about going to a barbecue joint today, being the Fourth and all. But given the exercise in militarism and power on the mall this afternoon, I thought I’d visit one of the best Salvadoran restaurants in the area instead.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was full of social media warriors praying for rain on Trump’s parade, before then lamenting that the bad weather would give the president an excuse for the inevitable poor turnout.  Even belligerent socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked Trump’s
“poorly attended” parade.  Reality saw something, well, completely different.

As fighter jets struck breathtaking formations, patriotic anthems blared out from speakers, and fireworks lit up the sky, all set to the backdrop of the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and U.S. Capitol Dome, hundreds of thousands of Americans cheered a country that they love, convinced more than ever that the president’s enemies don’t.

As if all that weren’t enough, the president’s political and cultural rivals were busy themselves last week committing credibility suicide themselves.  Left-wing Salon was running opinion pieces entitled “The Declaration of Independence is Sexist, Racist, and Prejudiced.”  The article was quoted and tweeted by Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley, which was then liked and promoted by freshman Democrat Representative Rashid Tlaib.

This all on the heels of Nike infamously yanking the Betsy-Ross inspired tennis shoes because the leftist social justice crowd believed them to be reminiscent of slavery and oppression.  Democrat Presidential candidate and former Obama administration official Julian Castro praised the decision saying he was, “glad to see it,” given the painful memories it can conjure up. 

It’s almost as though these folks on the left WANT Trump to win in 2020.  Even anti-Trump media voice Joe Scarborough sees it:

Trump is not a genius.  It’s just his political opponents are exceedingly ignorant.


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