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You can buy Nike Betsy Ross shoes

Capitalism at its finest: eBayer set to make thousands off Kaepernick nonsense.

Talk about making America great again; an astute eBay merchant is set to make a huge profit on a single pair of shoes, thanks to social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick’s latest grasp at relevance.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, let’s recap.

First, some non-woke (should we use the term ‘asleep’ now?) executive at Nike decided it would be a good idea to produce a line of shoes celebrating the greatest nation on the planet (AMEN, Gabby!).

Then Kaepernick decided to crash the party, decrying a perceived connection between the Betsy Ross flag and slavery.

Next, Nike executives awakened to social-justice reality and ended the promotion. Conservatives and patriots all over the nation proceeded to lose their minds. Including …

Arizona governor Doug Ducey, who in response to Nike essentially making Kaepernick its new CEO, decided his state just won’t do it, and nixed a planned deal with the iconic shoemaker.

Which brings us to the one eBay seller who at least for now can claim the greatest business acumen of all on the world’s largest online yard sale. The seller known as e-shopsave is offering for sale what at the time of this writing seems to be the only pair of Nike Betsy Ross shoes available anywhere.

The 5-day listing was placed at 6:20 pm ET Tuesday evening, and originally priced at 99 cents. Within 90 minutes, the bid had reached $1000, and by midnight was well over $5000.

And that’s with more than 4 and a half days remaining until the auction ends.

So on this day marking 243 years of American independence, why not express your patriotism in the most American way possible: overpaying for a socially radical status symbol produced by a corporate giant, almost certainly made in another country, elevated to retail stardom by the Cult of Personality’s Flavor-of-the-Day.

God Bless America.

PS – To my friend who is currently in Vegas on vacation: If you’re reading, please find somewhere to place a bet for me that this pair of shoes will be seen on stage at a Donald Trump rally in the near future. I’ll split the profits with you.


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