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Meet Give.GOP: A Revolutionary Online Fundraising Portal for Republican Donors

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Paul Dietzel, past Congressional candidate and grandson of the namesake legendary LSU coach, yesterday announced the launch of Give.GOP. The launched was announced via conference call 11am ET yesterday morning.

Give.GOP Portal — www.Give.GOP

Give.GOP is billed as a “revolutionizing new website.” The conference call invited media, consultants, and campaign staff to learn more about the “new, fully functioning website set to be an easy to access mega fundraising headquarters for Republican candidates and conservative causes.”

Moreover, Give.GOP says portals like ActBlue and WinRed differ from their operation—particularly with the former being a “comprehensive directory for donors to find and donate directly to Republicans” while empowering “millions to support Republican campaigns, committees, and causes with a single click — regardless of what donation platform they use day-to-day.”

The platform says it’s reinventing online fundraising for Republican campaigns, committees, and causes:

This is not ActBlue. It’s nothing personal, but we felt that copying a 15-year-old idea was a bad approach. We built something entirely new. Give.GOP is leaner, more flexible, and more scalable. Our technology is stronger, our customer service is better, and our donation platform’s down-ballot market share is larger. We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We value you more than profit. We value your privacy more than power.

How Give.GOP Works

Give.GOP differs from competitors like ActBlue and WinRed by allowing an entire donation to go directly to campaigns or groups users specify.

They only make a profit if donors choose to sign up for membership for their Insider Program for $1/month and through tips from donors. It claims it doesn’t earn revenue from the contribution process itself.

Give.GOP, the Anedot founder said, will cost campaigns nothing, or 0% of funds raised. More on their Cost to Campaigns methodology below:

Users can search the website for political candidates or campaigns to donate to, ranging from the local to state to national level. It’s separated by primary and general elections according to year, state, or party committees.

Source: Give.GOP

Give.GOP Wants to Protect Donor Integrity

Dietzel stressed that his platform will deviate from other donation portals in ensuring the highest levels of privacy and donor integrity for any grassroots donor who uses their services.

Here’s more on Give.GOP’s Privacy and Freedom tenets:

1. Give.GOP believes strongly in privacy and goes to great lengths to ensure that donors are valued, respected, and protected.

2. Give.GOP believes in the free-market and empowers the grassroots to donate to any Republican campaign, regardless if that campaign signs up for Give.GOP or uses a donation platform other than Anedot.

3. Give.GOP believes that innovation is created by the free market, not by a top-down control of resources.

4. Give.GOP believes that Republican donors are tired of the same old tactics and want an easy way to find and support like-minded candidates.

5. Give.GOP believes the best way to win is to value people and empower them.

Give.GOP vs. Anedot

Dietzel clarified how Give.GOP will differ from Anedot.

“We created Anedot to be the solution for any campaign, church, or ministry to collect donations everywhere with a single platform,” said Dietzel.

“We didn’t create Anedot to be sold like many companies are created to be sold. We didn’t create Anedot to make money or lose money. We created Anedot to serve.”

He added, “We created Anedot to be open to everyone, regardless of party affiliation, because this is America and opportunity should be available to all citizens.”

He stressed that the latter, a non-partisan donation platform for all political campaigns, churches, ministries, and non-profits, will still continue to be a hub for these interests. Give.GOP, in contrast, will empower grassroots donors in particular to support Republican candidates, committees, and causes using Anedot’s platform.

According to the Give.GOP website, Anedot’s donation platform charges a 3.75% flat rate directly to donors—meaning 100% of a donation on the platform goes directly to recipients Campaigns then only pay $0.30 per transaction, it notes.

Dietzel also stressed during the launch there’s no reason to stop using Anedot if donors decide to use Give.GOP.

How it Contrasts WinRed

I penned this article on WinRed and what it brings to the table. Upon learning more about it — in large part, thanks to Erick’s article here on the website — I had no idea the safety concerns or potentially scammy nature of it. Not good.

Compared to WinRed, it appears Dietzel’s Give.GOP is more practical, safe to use, and concerned about protecting donor integrity and safety.

“Many of us have noticed something is needed for Republicans—something that helps donors more and costs campaigns less,” Dietzel said in the conference call.

“Over the past 12 months, hundreds of people with those beliefs have collaborated, and after thousands of conversations, we came up with an innovative, uncharted path—a path that is more direct, more flexible, and more transparent.”

He added, “There are people who try to make millions of dollars copying innovative ideas. This is not us.”

“Donors are ready for a better way to support like-minded candidates. And for campaigns exhausted by the status quo.”

Dietzel noted Give.GOP was built to empower Republican donors across the U.S. and that it’ll prize privacy and security, unlike other competing online fundraising outfits, for both donors and campaigns.

The founder said his goal for Give.GOP is to protect campaigns from outside interests capitalizing on donor information.

“Donors don’t want to fund scam PACs,” added Dietzel. “Donors don’t want to fund the second beach home for a small political consulting class. Donors want their money to help elect good people.”

Despite some thinly veiled criticisms wielded at WinRed, Dietzel said they aren’t competing with them. Instead, their intention is to provide the best tools and to be more collaborative, not competitive.

He said WinRed is a product for committees—essentially an entity building a one-click universe of Republican donors since 2010 to compete with PayPal, not so much his platform.

For Republicans interested in donating to committee, state, and federal campaigns through Give.GOP, they can visit their website and follow social media updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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