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Democrats Are Trying To Break the Border

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and a group of congressional Democrats went to the border yesterday and were reportedly horrified. As well they should be.

If they had approved funding one of the seventeen times Congressional Republicans asked for it, the conditions might be much improved. If they heeded calls from their Republican counterparts to fix the asylum process full of perverse incentives, the people she met may not have made the journey at all.

Since Speaker Pelosi caved last week, notably without support from Ocasio Cortez, we are throwing a bucket of money at the problem. However, in reality, that solves nothing but the most urgent shortages in supplies and facilities.

Now two new disturbing pieces of news are emerging regarding the border crisis. The first from the Seattle Times:

“I can’t go to work because I can’t take my eyes off my boys,” said Antonia Portillo Cruz, a 44-year-old migrant from Honduras, who said the men have been targeting the shelter where she stays. She said she witnessed some of the men asking women in the shelter about purchasing their children, but none of them made the offer directly to her.

Portillo said the groups of men have been approaching the Iglesia Embajadores de Jesus shelter in Tijuana and offering about 7,000 pesos, or $350, to purchase a child to cross into the United States.

She said she fears the requests and the offers of money will turn into demands or kidnappings. Portillo said she never lets her two boys, aged 10 and 8, out of her sight.

“They want to rob our kids so they can cross into the United States,” she said angrily.

A spokesman for the Tijuana municipal police confirmed the reports and said federal authorities are investigating. The case was first reported by Tijuana journalists Yolanda Morales and Yuriria Sierra for Imagen TV.

Pastor Gustavo Banda, a Tijuana shelter director, said families at the shelter are terrified and feel forced to keep all their children locked inside at all times.

We already know a trial of cheek swab DNA in one border sector showed that 30% of suspected unrelated families contained children that were not related to the adults accompanying them. Now the gaps in our border policy created by the Flores settlement which limits the detention of children are increasing the danger of children being kidnapped or trafficked.

Lack of congressional action to close this loophole is putting children at risk across the border by those desperate to take advantage of it. Coming with a child nearly guarantees release into the interior of the United States. Even one that is not your own if that fact escapes detection.

The party that blocks a solution are the Democrats. The trafficking of children is on them. Both Trump and Senator Linsdey Graham have offered solutions that would begin to address this loophole that includes the ability to return children to their home country as we can with Mexico and Canada, lengthening the detention of children with their parents and moving asylum applications away from our border. Democrats have rejected both.

Next, the Center for Immigration Studies released the following report:

Like the proverbial “bulge in the belly of the snake,” unusually high numbers of non-Latino migrants, obviously not from Central America, are now reportedly passing from Colombia through Panama on their way to the U.S. southern border. Their numbers range to the tens of thousands, whose vanguards we have already seen at the U.S. Southwest Border in recent months: Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Congolese, Haitians, Cubans, and some from the Middle East.

The report goes on to describe the route through Panama and Columbia known as the Darrien Gap. Two eyewitnesses with years of experience in the region along with government sources have told CIS reporter Todd Bensman:

Holton and Edrington separately told me in recent phone and email interviews that a surge is underway the likes of which neither has ever seen and which obviously surpasses what I witnessed in December. Both saw massive numbers of Africans overwhelming government camps and smuggling infrastructure as they push through to repeat the successes at the U.S. border of those who have gone before them. Government sources, such as local military commanders, a Colombian harbor master, and migrant camp overseers told them many thousands have gone through in recent weeks and are in the pipeline on both sides of the Darien Gap passage. Holton and Edrington did not hear any of this from afar; they were on the ground, among the migrants.

Panamanian based author Chuck Holton is not surprised by the surge in migrants coming from outside the Western hemisphere. He actually relayed the following to Bensman:

For years, Holton said he’s seen CNN running “these infomericals” explaining the process of getting into the United States. “It provides lists of cities that will welcome you with open arms, things like that,” said Holton, who lives in Panama and travels the region extensively.

Democrats reject the idea that their lax border control proposals are de facto open borders. Migrants across the globe beg to differ. People from all over the world are now looking to replicate the success others have had in entering the country. They are using a well-known pipeline through our South American neighbors to access Nicaragua. This is where smugglers pick them up and take them on to the U.S. border.

This development is not just going to create a humanitarian crisis, which already exists in the countries global migrants are entering through. It will quickly become a national security crisis. As Berman notes:

…the new influx also must raise security questions when it starts to wash over the border. Migrants from the Middle East and Muslim-majority nations where terrorist organizations operate are in this extra-continental flow and often arrive with no verifiable identification. That’s a national security vulnerability that must be adequately acknowledged and dealt with, especially when one considers reporting about this reputed ISIS plot to send operatives over the U.S.-Mexico border and the recent apprehension in Nicaragua of two Iraqis and two Egyptians reputed to be affiliated with ISIS.

I’ve already raised the issue that migrants who reach our territory from the Congo require special security vetting, since we don’t know whether they may be the persecutors or the persecuted in a country brimming with ISIS jihadists and marauding tribal militias that work hard to outdo each other’s atrocities. Likewise, I’ve explained why Bangladeshis coming off the Darien pose a unique security issue due to what’s going on in that country.

If last week’s debates are any indication, these threats to our sovereignty and security are not being taken seriously by Democrats. In fact, the combined incentives created by their proposed policies will make it much worse.

Just for good measure, Presidential hopeful Cory Booker announced his grand scheme this morning. As CNN’s article notes, the Seantor is willing to accomplish this by Executive Order:

“Without waiting for Congress to act, Cory will stop the treatment of immigrants as criminals, close inhumane (Department of Homeland Security) facilities, end the use of for-profit detention facilities and end unnecessary barriers for refugees and those seeking asylum to virtually eliminate immigrant detention,” the news release said.

Booker’s plan would “virtually eliminate immigration detention,” by shutting down “inhumane” border facilities and introducing civil detention standards that “call for detention as a last resort.” Booker would also direct the Department of Homeland Security to phase out its contracts with private prison facilities over a three-year period.

Either these are not serious people or they seriously don’t care about the safety and security of the American’s they are sworn to serve. In any case, the rhetoric coming out of Democratic hopefuls will do nothing but continue to embolden global mass migration. What is actually required are significant policy changes to stop the flow of migrants.

Shout out to Representative Cheri Bustos and Speaker Pelosi. Do you like those purple seats in the House? If you do, you better get your so-called “moderates” huddling with Republicans to shut this influx off. Kick the AOC wing to the curb.

I won’t hold my breath. But I will work myself to the bone to ensure every purple state voter knows how you are failing them.


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