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A Helpful Reminder That Demography is Not Destiny

The prevailing media narrative going back to 1968 — and yes, I looked that up one time — has been that the days of the GOP are doomed due to the growth of non-white populations over time.

The first instance I recall seeing was after Nixon was elected. It has escalated each election season and each loss by the Republicans has been proof that the GOP is on the decline.

In the age of Trump, the media has redoubled their efforts with Democrats chiming in that the GOP is toast. Gavin Newsom has met with fawning praise from the media for saying the national GOP would wind up like California’s GOP — a stump of a party or some such.

But the data shows otherwise.

As hispanic voters stay in the country longer, they tend to identify not as hispanic, but as white, and they tend to vote GOP.

Likewise, black voters are socially conservative voters and though they may not vote Republican, they are perfectly willing to sit home and not vote if a candidate on the left is too far gone for them.

More specifically, hispanic and black voters tend to support traditional marriage and cultural conservatism and be more religious than the rich white people making up the Democrat coalition with them.

But there is new data as well from, of all places, GLAAD, the gay rights activist group.

As cancel culture and wokeness have picked up speed and girls are suddenly fighting for their own bathrooms instead of having to let boys in or let boys into girls sports, more and more data is showing plunging rates of support for leftwing social engineering among younger voters — the post-millennial voters.

Support for gay marriage has dropped. Support for gay rights has dropped. Support for transgender rights has craters. Support for abortion has dropped.

This does not mean, contrary to the media spin on the data, that discrimination and tyranny are on the rise. On the contrary, younger voters are reacting to the nastiness and intolerance on the left by turning their backs on it. Hispanic voters, black voters, and blue collar white voters increasingly all feel the same alienation and hostility from Democrats.

Now Democrats want to force them to bow to gay marriages, take away their health insurance to give it to illegal aliens, and use their money to pay for irresponsible people’s abortions.

Demography is not destiny. Democrats better remember that. In a hyper-reactionary period, some people will react counter to the prevailing winds.


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