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Quillette Editor Andy Ngo Savagely Beaten by Antifa, Mocked by “Journalists”

by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Quillette editor Andy Ngo was attacked with fists and cement on Saturday at an Antifa rally in Portland. Ngo’s recording equipment was stolen, but footage of the latter parts of the assault were uploaded to Twitter by Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan.

Ngo posted an update from the hospital room roughly two-and-a-half hours after reporting being attacked.

Portland PD has asked people on Twitter to report instances of milkshakes being thrown at the Antifa demonstrations because some were filled with quick-drying cement.

New York Times opinion writer Charlie Warzel referred to the attack as being in the context of an “information war”, implying that Ngo is nefariously weaponizing the fact that Antifa is violent for the sake of obtaining “ammunition for a culture war.”

Middle East Eye journalist CJ Werleman falsely accused Ngo of being “one of the leading amplifiers of Islamophobia” and “participat[ing] in white supremacist violence,” implying that Ngo deserved the beating. Rolling Stone and Vice Contributor Dan O’Sullivan criticized Jake Tapper for Tapper’s criticism of Antifa violence.

In May, Vox host and producer Carlos Maza encouraged Antifa to throw milkshakes at political opponents. The featured image of the story Maza’s tweet linked to was a picture of Brexiteer Nigel Farage, a controversial figure to be certain but by no sane standard a fascist or white supremacist. Maza’s recent “journalistic” endeavor entailed lobbying YouTube/Google for even greater censorship of conservatives, specifically Steven Crowder, whom Maza labelled a “monster.” It remains to be seen what Maza thinks of people who throw brick-laden milk shakes at right-leaning journalists.

Freelance writer Rob Roussau mocked Ngo, tweeting, “I can’t believe that the totally objective ‘journalist’ who shows up to every far right protest in order to sanitize what they’re doing and claim the people who oppose them are The Real Fascists wasn’t welcomed with open arms by antifa today. you hate to see it.”

Mashable reporter Matt Binder implied that Ngo must have deserved it because there were other photographers and reporters present with Ngo being the only one getting beaten.

Multiple CNN hosts have defended Antifa in the past. “It says it right there in the name- Antifa: anti-fascist, which is what they were there fighting,” Don Lemon said on June 29 of last year. “No organization is perfect.” Lemon’s CNN colleague Chris Cuomo argued that Antifa are the modern-day D-Day soldiers storming the Normandy beaches.

Along the same lines, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace called Antifa “angels” following the Charlottesville gathering of white supremacists. Of course, opposing white supremacists is good, but there are plenty of people on earth who are thoroughly evil for reasons unrelated to white supremacy, Antifa being a principal example. Calling Antifa, who are legitimately the modern day brown shirts, “angels” because they’re occasionally opposed by other bad people is despicable.

In May, Quillette published an Eoin Lenihan piece based on research conducted on Antifa-connected journalists. Lenihan discovered that journalists for prominent publications such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, and Al Jazeera, have been essentially working as a PR team for Antifa.

Ngo’s lawyer tweeted late Saturday that Ngo would be held in the hospital over night so doctors could monitor a bleed in his brain.


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