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David French-Endorsed Incremental Pro-Life Laws Are Written Out of Fear, Not Faith

by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

David French’s recent Time column, “Evangelicals Are Supporting Trump Out of Fear, Not Faith,” is an important one. Among the most crucial messages for Christians to receive are French’s exhortation that we are “called to be a source of light in a darkening world” and his rebuke of our trading prophetic witness for political expediency. I hope and pray that French, and pro-life leaders at-large, soon grasp that that’s exactly what they’ve done by their incremental strategy born and sustained of faithless fear.

The best articulation of pro-life faithlessness came from Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life, when he expressed to the Austin Chronicle in April his opposition to the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act because of his total and unconditional submission to the Supreme Court. “We could no sooner defy SCOTUS than we could the force of gravity,” Pojman said. The idea that we must capitulate to a man-made institution in the same way we capitulate to a law of nature is nothing short of idolatry.

Abby Johnson opposed the same bill because it could’ve jeopardized Texas’ access federal programs and dollars. “Do you know what happens if a state decides to ‘defy’ the federal government [to abolish abortion]?” Johnson commented on Facebook. “No money to education. No more Medicaid for children or medically fragile children. Many hospitals would close. No military or disaster relief.” There’s immense economic and political illiteracy here, but that could be forgiven far sooner than the admission that her fear of losing federal dollars causes Johnson to submit unconditionally to the feds up to and including federal orders to allow mass murder.

Interestingly, French authored a piece in March in which he purported to ditch incrementalism for immediatism. French astutely articulated some of the problems with incrementalism but, rather than embrace immediatism, somehow concluded that what’s needed is simply larger increments. French still advocated for a bill which contradicts the biological and scriptural truth that human life begins at fertilization, violates the Constitution by allowing murder and unequal protection of the law, and violates God’s prohibition on partiality and writing iniquitous decrees. Further, by writing that Heartbeat Bills are simply an attempt to overturn Roe, and that we’ll have to abide by the court’s decision if it reaffirms Roe, French joins Johnson and Pojman by implying that we must submit to the Supreme Court up to and including orders to allow child sacrifice.

Those being examples of faithlessness, what does faithFULness look like? Quite simply, a faithful Christian response to legalized child sacrifice means proclaiming the truth that life begins at conception and that the murder of an image-bearer is a capital crime that must be abolished immediately. It means commanding the church to repent of failing to be salt and light amidst mass murder. It means commanding the nation to repent of perpetrating mass murder.

Calling for abortion to be legal up to eight weeks is no more a call for repentance than telling someone to commit adultery once a week rather than three times a week is a call to repentance. To make such a demand is to fail utterly in your Christian witness. Calls to repentance are always total and immediate. The improvement may not happen totally and immediately, but the call for repentance must be a call for exactly that.

Oklahoma Senate Bill 13 is a call to the State of Oklahoma to repent of child sacrifice. It totally and immediately abolishes abortion, it recognizes and promises to enforce the Constitutional reality that the courts have no authority to legalize murder, and it repeals every pro-life regulation of abortion (being that they all allow abortion, and thus must be repealed if abortion is to be abolished). Calling for and working to bring about this bill’s immediate passage is what Christianity in a culture that practices child sacrifice looks like. OK SB13, along with TX HB896 (the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act), IN HB1430 (The Protection at Conception Act), ID AHRA (the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act), WA HB2154 (The Abolition of Abortion in Washington Act), and AK HB178 (the Alaska Life at Conception Act) are all bills of total and immediate abolition – calls for the citizens of those states to repent of participating in or complacently tolerating child sacrifice. To French, Pojman, Johnson, and every pro-life incrementalist, heed and take up that call. Help get abolition bills introduced and passed in your state.

To abolish abortion, pro-lifers must repent of faithless incrementalism and Supreme Court idolatry. We must have less concern for what men will do if we outlaw murder and more concern about what God will do if we don’t.

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