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2020 and the Coming Dread

2016 left the voters with no good options. 2020 will be the same.

Unfortunately, our leaders are a reflection of those who put them in office. It is the cowardice and apathy of the American voting public that has led us to this sorry state. Most of those who support Trump have ZERO interest in understanding the damage he has done, or the long range implications for our nation’s well-being that results from straining foreign alliances, embracing our geopolitical foes, imposing tariffs [that’s taxes on the American people, Trumpsters] and restricting free trade. They play the ostrich game with our national debt – if they dont see it, it doesnt exist. Therefore, the fact that under Trump the debt has hit heights that not even Obama could achieve in 8 years of big government spending (He hasnt even served a single, full term, yet) does not exist in their altered view of reality. They dont see it as a problem.

No, the average Trump supporter feels patriotic and informed if they’re up to date on the latest internet memes from pro-Trump sources. They have no interest in examining multiple sources to get a fully evolved picture of our current state. Trump has told them that anything other than Fox News is “fake news,” and because it caters to the reality they’ve already determined suits their mindset, they CHOOSE to believe, without question. This is dangerous. This is how nations die – at the hands of a public that deliberately turns over all power to the despot of their choosing.

And yes, this is where all my Trump-loving friends quickly confer with the scripts they were given to reach the Cult 45 approved response – “Would Hillary have been better?” “But Hillary… but the judges… but Obama…” And of course, I should have this put on business cards and just hand them out to everyone I meet, but NO, Hillary would NOT have been better. NO, I am not now, nor was I ever an Obama supporter. I wont be joining some of my friends who think a “blue wave” is necessary in 2020 to get rid of Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for Hillary for the same reason I didn’t vote for Trump.

She was just as corrupt and poorly suited for the important job of the presidency.

When I look at the current crop of Democrats, I see dangerous partisans, socialist nightmares, and outright communist sympathizers. I see wretched baby murderers, who cloak their support of infanticide in the banner of “women’s healthcare.”

It’s not very healthy for the millions of preborn women who were slaughtered while sleeping in the wombs of their mothers.

They pander to every special interest group, offering reparations and insurance for all, taxes that punish innovators and job creators. They don’t realize [nor do they care] that the misery they want to inflict on those who have done well in their lives – often through hard work and initiative (you know – those things that used to be celebrated in this free land) – will trickle down on the very ones they claim to be trying to help.

They appeal to the extremes, either by attempting to tug at heartstrings and claiming to be the true friends of the downtrodden underdogs in the world, or to the ugly, angry, divisive impulses of a fallen humanity. How they trod these completely opposite paths is beyond me, but the left has turned it into an art form.

What about a legitimate, third party option?

I’d love to see that happen, but it would require a fresh fire be lit under a people who have seemingly abandoned their duty to demand better from their political representatives.

In the meantime, those of us who have shed our partisan restraints and declared our independence (or disgust) remain adrift in this political swamp.

Will we ever come ashore someplace that isn’t steeped in the sewage that is our federal government?

Stay tuned.


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