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Finally: Republicans Have a Fundraising Outfit to Rival ActBlue

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

The Left has ActBlue, so the Right now has WinRed. Finally. What took so long?

Yesterday, the portal went live. Its tagline reads, “They Act. We Win.”

‘WinRed’ bills itself as a “conduit PAC coupled with proven fundraising technology.” Moreover, it promises users access to “advanced lead optimization and donation platform increases engagement maximizes your fundraising by leveraging a conservative ecosystem in the millions.”

In a blog post announcing the tool, the Trump 2020 campaign signaled their intent to move future fundraising operations to this medium.

“The Trump campaign will be the most innovative Presidential campaign in American history, and WinRed is a critical component of our strategy,” said Brad Parscale, campaign manager for the Trump campaign. “Trump supporters are the most enthusiastic in American politics, and with WinRed, we will have the cutting-edge technology needed to translate grassroots enthusiasm into the resources we need to win in 2020.”

“Trump supporters are the most enthusiastic in American politics, and with WinRed, we will have the cutting-edge technology needed to translate grassroots enthusiasm into the resources we need to win in 2020.”

Four of the largest Republican online fundraising entities — President Trump’s re-election campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)—will be utilizing ‘WinRed’, up and down the ballot, the blog post adds.

There is a similar company called Anedot, run by entrepreneur and past Congressional candidate Paul Dietzel (R-LA), but perhaps this new tool can enhance our causes’ fundraising prowess as well. To see how Anedot compares with ActBlue, go here.

President Trump tweeted, “I am pleased to announce the launch of . This new platform will allow my campaign and other Republicans to compete with the Democrats money machine. This has been a priority of mine and I’m pleased to share that it is up and running! #KeepAmericaGreat

In contrast, ActBlue has enabled Democrats to dominate the small dollar donor fundraising game in recent elections—particularly the 2018 midterm elections.

It was started in 2004 to “power Democratic candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country.” Its goal is to “democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way.” It claims to have risen over three billion in donations for Democrats and progressive causes in their nearly 15 years of existence.

Here’s how ActBlue responded to the launch of ‘WinRed’:

Here’s more on what they do:

We develop top-of-the-line fundraising software and offer simple, intuitive tools to help campaigns and organizations connect with new and existing grassroots donors. As a result, nonprofits thrive and Democratic campaigns get more donations through ActBlue than any other platform. Together, we build powerful movements.

How do we make that happen? Well, first we test and retest our contribution forms to maximize conversion rates. We make it as easy as possible to give, no matter where the donor is, or on what device they’re using. And we make it free for campaigns and organizations — no tricks or add-ons. And with a top-notch tech team, our tools are always dependable, and we’re always working to upgrade them.

That’s why a majority of Democratic Senate and House campaigns — along with the DCCC, DSCC, DGA, over one-third of statewide campaigns, and advocacy organizations around the country — have chosen ActBlue.

It appears the Trump campaign is very serious about winning re-election, as fundraising numbers have spelled good news for the President and his re-election prospects. He recently rose $25M in one day.

It’s undeniable the Left flexes its muscle on digital and tech—virtually to the point of absolute domination. Republicans and conservative causes have lagged behind for too long, so it’s good to see more tools available in the marketplace.


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