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The “Cool Kids” of the Climate Movement Eye 2020

According to Politico, the Sunrise movement is gearing up for 2020. In their string of flop houses around the country, recent college grads and students who like to kvetch about crushing student loan debt are musing about how they are going to strong arm their elders into ruining the economy. All while living on stipends that probably barely cover the basics.

The oldest of Gen Z, bathed in climate hysteria throughout their formative years, are singing camp songs at retreats and plotting. My favorite part of the glowing profile in Politico is this exchange featuring Sunrise Fellow Aru Shiney-Ajay, 21:

Later that day, Shiney-Ajay opened a discussion of the Green New Deal by passing out a printed one-page summary of the resolution put forward a few months ago in Congress by Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. Shiney-Ajay asked the room if there were any questions.

Where does the Green New Deal stand on the use of nuclear energy? one fellow asked.

“We don’t want there to be any new nuclear energy plants,” Shiney-Ajay began tentatively, before revising her answer to say, “Actually, I’m not sure if nuclear is considered carbon neutral.” She then asked the room whether they knew the answer.

How about carbon capture? another fellow asked.

“The resolution was created on a very short timeline,” Shiney-Ajay said.

These are the sorts of specifics—not legislative arcana but principles for how best to confront climate change—the movement has struggled to come to a consensus on.

“Sunrise’s role is not to be super caught up in the details,” Shiney-Ajay told the room. “We’re 18-, 19-, 20-, 21-year-olds who don’t really know policy.” It’s their job, she said, to lay out a vision while others write proposals that meet that vision.

So, a slapped together resolution “Fellows” can not even answer basic questions about and that the movement itself can’t even come to a consensus on is supposed to be the “vision”. This is like my children having a “vision” of what Christmas morning should look like and leaving me to figure out how to pay for it.

Even more ludicrous, nearly every Democrat candidate for President has embraced some version of this resolution if not the goal of eliminating fossil fuels by 2030. If you were a bit jaded you might almost believe what Sean McElwee, self described Chief Meme Officer for Data for Progress said is a tweet about the Green New Deal resolution:

Folks, the Green New Deal is beautiful socialist bullsh**. We’ve got industrial policy, government mandates and racial justice. If you’re a self-identified neo-liberal expecting to find anything for you, I’m not sure what to tell you.

I have written about the climate cabal and the Sunrise Movement extensively (7 installments start here) largely because it is so much astroturf. Sunrise is a group of young activists that started with two young men and their mentor, Michael K. Dorsey. Dorsey is a veteran of the environmental movement having served in the Obama administration as an advisor, as a board member of the Sierra Club and is a full member of the Club of Rome.

If you don’t know about the Club of Rome, their work has been largely to convince us all that we must stop having children, give up all our stuff and that the planet is in imminent danger of collapsing. Starting in 1972 with the book Limits to Growth, the groups publications could serve as a roadmap for building a climate change zealot like AOC. Not shocking, its membership has included the elite from around the globe since its founding ands they work closely with the United Nations. Also not surprising Dr. Dorsey was at the U.N. Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992 where Agenda 21 was born.

But Sunrise’s appearance on the scene was totally spontaneous y’all. They were just initially funded by the Sierra Club with grants from the Climate Action Network and in kind assistance from places like Then their leaders were trained by Momentum and the group gets support with information from Data for Progress which is a project of Tides Advocacy. Which of course receives direct funding from the Tides Foundation. Then this pile of garbage proposal known as the Green New Deal was adopted by the Justice Democrats who make all of their candidates agree to promote it. Are you starting to see the prickly green plastic grass?

In the profile it was so adorable. They pretended to be interviewed by a Fox News anchor. Because Fox News viewers have no clue, ya know. In these imaginary conversations, they happily promote socialism. Likely because the believe, incorrectly, that is the economic system of Denmark.

However, I would like to ask these little bundles of “vision” a totally different set of questions. I think I am a living veteran of at least half a dozen climate crises at this point. You know, the kind where if we didn’t DO SOMETHING NOW WE WERE ALL GONNA DIE! Here goes a small sample:

  • Do you think it is a good idea to be energy dependent on China? You know they have the largest share of the earths rare metals required for battery production? The U.S. has very little and severe restrictions on mining. China also puts Muslims in reeducation camps and spies on i’s citizens to give them a “social credit score”. How do you reconcile your intersectional little soul with their human rights abuses?
  • Are you aware of any environmentally sound ways of reclaiming these required rare metals from the technology they are currently used in?
  • Do you know the environmental implications methods of disposing of solar panels? The large batteries needed to store energy created by renewable methods?
  • How long will it take to replace the infrastructure of our natural gas and coal burning plants with “renewables”?
  • Did you know the 3rd largest energy source in the U.S. as of 2016 was nuclear power? What exactly is your case for opposing it? It safely provided over 50% or the energy for three U.S. states.

If you read the article, these are young adults operating below what we would expect of people in their early 20’s. They are getting giddy over a hyped up climate band camp complete with songs and bonfires. If you understand that 18 year olds operated in the world more like 15 year olds in previous generations as of 2017 you start to understand the attraction.

They are in no hurry to grow up. Dr. Jean Twenge identified an extended adolescence in her research for the book iGen. Give these kids four more years of coddling in our nation’s greatest institutions of higher learning and guess what you get? Adult children who will sit in a flop house, create “visions” they want adults to make real and embrace socialism so you can pay off their college loans.

How should we view Sunrise in 2020? I am in a rare moment of agreement with Senator Diane Feinstein. When the horde showed up in her office she basically said, “Shhhh. The adults who know stuff are talking.” The only thing I would add is, “Get a real job.”


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