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It Was Only Sort Of About Steven Crowder

I’ll be honest. I like Steven Crowder. I like edgy comedians generally and grew up with George Carlin, Eddie Murphy and Sam Kinison. Looking at their legacy content on YouTube, their content should probably have been removed with YouTube’s crackdown along with cuts from Blazing Saddles and Monty Python. But consistent standards are not really a thing for our tech overlords.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki went on an apology fest at the Recode conference. However, I think if she was really sorry, she would take every penny YouTube made off of Steven Crowder in the last ten years and donate it to the LBGTQ cause. I won’t hold my breath.

However, if you think this was all just because Carlos Maza got his delicate feelings hurt over a total of about seven minutes on Crowder’s channel, you’re missing the big picture. I wrote earlier this week that the media coordination could not be any more obvious. The coordination here is the last gasps of a dying legacy media to retain their relevance going into 2020.

You may remember this famous little clip when Mika Brzezinski let the cat out of the bag.

“And that is our job.” To control what the public thinks. With the events of the last few days, that arrogance and opinion seems to spread across the entire media enterprise.

After YouTube decided to demonetize Crowder along with educational material, investigative journalists and one poor guy who makes relaxation videos, the floodgates opened.

Then on Sunday, some poor rando was profiled in The New York Times after “months of work” by reporter Kevin Roose. It looks more like a last minute term paper. The subject of the article was supposedly “radicalized” by YouTube.

It is a tedious read, so here’s the bottom line. Proof of his radicalization was that he dated an Evangelical Christian woman, identified himself as a tradcon (traditional Conservative) and believed in biological gender norms. I assume he broke up with his girlfriend because he has since returned to to the left.

The real focus of the article was to attack You Tube’s suggestion algorithm. The algorithm where if you watch a Steven Crowder video, a Ben Shapiro one might be suggested next. Then maybe a Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan or Dave Rubin. Also to paint everyone from center left Joe Rogan and mainstream conservative Ben Shapiro as part of the road to radicalization. THE HORROR! At least to the mainstream media.

Because the legacy media doesn’t want you to escape the narrative they have created. And the subscriber growth for mainstream conservative and classical liberal content on YouTube has been growing quickly. Even worse than that, members of the Intellectual Dark Web show people with different political affiliations having respectful conversations about ideas. That is simply unacceptable to the legacy media.

The attacks also did not stop at YouTube’s algorithm. Google’s ad revenue was announced on Monday. And it prompted an immediate reaction from the press. The News and Media Alliance asserted Google made almost as much on ad revenue as the entire on-line news industry. This prompted an immediate reaction:

It’s almost like the “journalism” industry doesn’t understand that Google and Facebook are new distribution channels that of course make a profit from delivering the news. Kind of like the newspaper boy that used to throw the physical paper on the porch. The tech companies take a bigger cut because they provide a much bigger distribution channel. I would propose the real problem for the “journalism” industry is that they don’t like the way these platforms deliver the news to users.

The response of the the tech companies, who all lean left, has been to try and capitulate. They are all talking about tweaking their internal algorithms to promote “trusted sources” and downplay or throttle other sources. This is to combat “misinformation”. You know, like Pinterest did with pro-life group Live Action by classifying it as pornography.

The progression of this is patently clear. You will only be able to find “trusted sources” to feed you the correct narrative going into 2020. After all, as Mika said, it is their job to control what you think. Only one perspective is valid and it is the one the Left wants you to hear.

However, even capitulation is not good enough. Facebook announced they would be taking the “trusted source” evaluation down to the reporter level and Buzzfeed Ben has concerns. You know, Buzzfeed, the outlet that doxxed a rando for making a parody video of Nancy Pelosi and published more bogus “bombshells” about the Russia investigation than I can count.

I am sure Carlos Maza got a certain amount of personal satisfaction over getting YouTube to do his bidding with a ton of faux outrage. But that was not the point even though Steven Crowder and thousands of other content creators paid the price. It was the beginning of a coordinated attack on the outlets and platforms you get information from. The Overton window is slamming shut and the public square is shrinking.

Make no mistake about it. The left will not stop until alternative and mainstream conservative perspectives are very hard to find. The bright spot is the emergence of new platforms are trying to breakthrough. In the meantime subscribe to your favorite content creators and writers now so you are behind the paywall and information you want to see is delivered to your inbox.


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