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Pinterest Bans Live Action

by James Silberman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Pinterest has removed Live Action’s account from its platform. On Tuesday morning, Live Action discovered that they had been added to Pinterest’s blacklist of pornography websites. A few hours later, after appealing their being on the list, Live Action received an email alerting them that they’ve been permanently suspended.


Your account was permanently suspended because its contents went against our policies on misinformation. We don’t allow harmful misinformation on Pinterest. That includes medical misinformation and conspiracies that turn individuals and facilities into targets for harassment or violence.

People come to Pinterest to discover inspiration that they can use in their lives, and our principles maintain a safe, useful and positive experience for our users. Because of this, we don’t allow advice on Pinterest that may have immediate and detrimental effects on a Pinner’s health or on public safety. We rely on information from nationally and internationall recognized institutions, including the [CDC | ]and [WHO | ], to help us determine if content violates these guidelines.

We understand this policy may not be consistent with your views and appreciate your understanding of the need for us to enforce our Community Guidelines.

Riya | Pinterest

Live Action is among the tamer pro-life organizations. Many of its posts are inspirational stories about abortion survivors or mothers loving their children who were conceived in rape, along with general pro-life news about legislation and activism. Their medically informative videos feature an M.D. who has performed more than 1,200 abortions.

In accusing Live Action of spreading conspiracies, it’s likely that Riya was referring to undercover videos recorded by Live Action in which Planned Parenthood employees are seen agreeing to help smuggle underage sex trafficking victims through their clinics, teaching kids how to defecate on and whip each other during sex, and accepting donations specifically for the purpose of reducing the black population. How direct recordings whose legitimacy has not been contested are conspiracy theories is unknown to everyone but Riya from Pinterest.

Continuing in their strict adherence to exclusively using Orwellian arguments, Pinterest thinks Live Action’s advocacy against legal child sacrifice has “immediate and detrimental effects on a Pinner’s health or public safety.”

Others have reported being suspended. Upon reading about Pinterest’s actions, abolitionist Jon Speed, pastor of Christ is King Baptist Church in Syracuse, NY and coproducer of the documentary Babies Are Murdered Here, logged in to his account to delete it and discovered that he too had been suspended for violating the community guidelines.

That moment when you try to cancel your Pinterest account because of their Gestapo-like stance and you discover…

Posted by Jon Speed on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

These bans come on the heels of other social media platforms taking similar actions. Most of the bans thus far have effected legitimate conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan. A strong argument could be made that Facebook is better without such loons, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out that the bans weren’t going to stop there. The tech and social media giants aren’t inspired by a legitimate desire to stop the spread of misinformation. They’re intent on eliminating the spread of non-leftist information.


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