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It Is the Democrats Border Mess Until They Help Fix It

You really have to wonder if Democrats and their allies in the media have any understanding of cause and effect. Or whether they understand it all too well. For all the caterwauling about the humanitarian crisis at the border, Democrat politicians keep creating perverse incentives to exacerbate the onslaught of asylum seekers. They are also completely intractable about providing any means to improve conditions. And the legacy media stays largely silent.

In either case, I have had it with their hand wringing about conditions at the border. Democrats did nothing to improve the situation during the budget fight. I am even more disgusted now that they seem determined to create new policies that are essentially a flashing “Come to America” sign.

There have been some truly ridiculous assessments of the migration increase. Some commentators assert it is the rhetoric of President Trump about border security increasing the flow of migrants. If history is any guide, this is patently false. The President’s desire to secure the border and public statements are largely unchanged from much of his campaign rhetoric. During the first year of his presidency border crossings fell 25% to their lowest level since 1971 despite an imp[roving economy.

I would propose it is the level of judicial activism and Democrat stonewalling that have increased the problem. The Flores decision stands as a matter of policy increasing the number of people with children crossing the border. Human traffickers are telling people that if they bring a child it is highly likely that they will be released into the interior of the United States while their asylum claim is adjudicated.

We now know, that the problem of children unrelated to their adult companion at the border is significant. A trial of cheek swab DNA at one crossing station showed nearly 30% of suspected fraudulent families were indeed unrelated. Here is an ill one year old that was used by a gang member to try and gain entry:

So now CBP has to deal with parentless children at the border. Agencies are also aware of children being “recycled” for the purposes of migrant asylum claims.

Perverse incentives compound problems we were already aware of. The abuse and trafficking of children is added to the known abuse of migrant women and girls. Studies from human rights organizations say that up to 80% of women and girls are sexually assaulted on the migration to our southern border. That was prior to the latest wave.

Then to make sure the problem gets worse, the House passed a clean DACA bill waving eventual citizenship for children brought here as minors to invite more families to give it a try. You will never convince me that is not the goal.

Of course California then gives the party an assist. Their Assembly has voted to give illegal immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25 access to the state’s Medicaid program at a cost of $98 million. In a sanctuary state with a housing crisis and record level of homelessness, this seems like pure insanity. But roll out the welcome mat folks.

It is no wonder children are arriving at the border ill and in a debilitated physical condition. Several have actually died as a result. It is also no wonder the onslaught of crossings has caused less than ideal conditions for housing and processing people at our border. Nor is it surprising that migrants from other areas of the world are arriving to claim asylum at our gates.

Democrats lack of action also enriches organized crime south of our border. Cartels are active in human trafficking and make it a companion for the drug trade. Border patrol officers are consumed by dealing with large groups of migrants now arriving on buses while they know drug smuggling is occurring nearby.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Senator David Perdue of Georgia put this in stark terms. He stated that the two cartels over the border are making money off of this overflow of humanity. Hewitt pointed out correctly that these gangs have monetized our asylum process. Purdue agreed and went on to explain that human trafficking at our border is a $2 billion business. He also noted drug profits from one sector of the border, near McAllen Texas, totaled about $32 billion. These totals rival Fortune 50 companies in the United Sates.

Criminal cartels are suspected in 133 murders of politicians in the last Mexican election cycle. Perhaps Democrats are hoping for a failed state directly to our south so they can pick up a few more territories to turn into blue states. I don’t know any other plausible explanation as to why they would allow this to continue unabated. It negatively affects the safety and security of law abiding citizens on both side of the border as well as our Border Patrol agents.

There are two simple proposals on the table that could dramatically reduce the issues at the border. Both President Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham have proposed ending asylum claims at the border and requiring asylum seekers to apply at the U.S Consulate in their home country. This is what happens in the rest of the globe. It would significantly reduce the dangerous migration that is fraught with the abuse of women and children that enriches organized crime. It would also allow Border Patrol to refocus on drug interdiction to stop the flow of deadly opioids into the U.S.

The next is to fund the needed changes at the border. Give Border Patrol the barriers, equipment and facilities they have requested and staff up the immigration courts so people can be appropriately processed.

Democrats and their media allies like to try and blame conditions at the border along with the tragedies we have seen on our Border Patrol or the President. Democrats actually need to look in the mirror. It is their lack of simple legislative action to stop this abuse of women and children that allows these tragic situations to occur. Their lack of action to reduce the flow of drugs and money across the border in addition to their complete disregard for the health and safety of women and children should be a drum beat for every GOP candidate in a purple district in 2020.


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