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Maybe It Is Time For Creators To Get Brave

So. I am more than a little bit disgusted with YouTube and it’s parent company Google right now. While I know I can not escape them completely, I can minimize my use of both platforms.

In my quest not to do business with people who clearly don’t want to do business with me, I returned to a browser I had downloaded a while ago. It is called Brave and had some privacy features that were unique.

However, upon returning, I am very excited. As originally advertised, Brave has implemented its permission marketing system. This means you may set up the site so that the only ads you see are the ones you agree to view. For your agreement, you earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

The BATs are then converted to USD and can be paid to you, distributed to your favorite content providers based on the time you spend on their site or a combination of the two. You may choose which content creators to include in the portion you agree to distribute.

In order to receive the funds that I am happy to share, The Daily Wire and Blaze TV should REALLY get verified. Then they should probably tell their subscribers about Brave. Even if only a fraction of them are willing to share their BAT, it’s a revenue stream you do not have today.

My Wallet on Brave

I set an automatic share of my BAT to contribute across the sites I would like to contribute to. Daily Wire is included in this donation and can receive the funds when they verify. When I have to read Vox, The New York Times or some other outlet I do not want to support for research purposes, I just turn off the purple button and the browser remembers the next time I have to go there. I can also add funds from a debit card or other payment method if I want to send a creator an additional amount.

Every right-leaning outlet that owns their own web property should get verified on Brave. And tell their readers about it and humbly ask that if they enjoy your content, to please consider donating a portion of their BAT. It is a revenue stream if the mob ever goes after your advertisers.

I have only just begun, but there are other cool features. It is possible to select the search engine you use within the browser. Because I am not particularly enamored with Google, I selected Duck, Duck, Go. You can also TURN OFF AUTO PLAY!!! I can finally open websites without them screaming at me!

I know what you are thinking. Great. Another company in the Silicon Valley technocracy that hates Conservatives. I kind of saved the best for last. The CEO is Brendan Eich.

If that name sounds familiar it is because he was one of the first high visibility victims of the outrage machine. He was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla after his personal donation to a group that supported traditional marriage was discovered. He’s back and creating an innovative product that has the potential to upend the revenue model for creators.

And just to slam YouTube one more time, I am watching Steven Crowder’s live stream and clicked on the Brave extension. Look how many items this browser has blocked:

Over 100 third-party trackers are blocked. And no third parties are dropping cookies or are able to recognize my device. Sweet. The full shield does not work for all sites, and you have to play with them to get the maximum benefit. However, I assume at some point, the browser will be able to detect what it can apply and maintain site functionality.

I heard a lot of people on podcasts and live streams today saying they are looking for a ‘Plan B’. There could be a Plan ‘B’ run by someone that knows all too well what it means to be attacked by the mob.


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