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If I Were An Advertiser, I Might Drop YouTube

Whether Michael Jordan ever said it or not, Republicans actually do buy sneakers too. Along with just about every other consumer good, movie ticket and business product. This is why as an advertiser, I might no longer place ads on YouTube.

By now you have heard the upheaval that YouTube has caused by targeting high profile right-minded comedian Steven Crowder. According to his live stream yesterday afternoon, YouTube had removed Crowder from the Partner program. This is the program through which you get access to the platforms monetization tools through ad placement.

Crowder also noted in the broadcast that YouTube has removed a significant number of videos that the platform has profited from in the past. And Crowder is not alone.

If you check the hashtag #VoxAdpocalyse you will see a number of creators were suddenly impacted including teachers, independent journalist,s and others. These people’s ability to make a living was upended overnight and in many cases, their content was also removed.

As an advertiser, 99% of the time I don’t care about content. I want my ads placed in front of as many people who may be interested in my product as possible. Collecting the information about what people may be interested in has been the primary path to revenue for Facebook, Google and by extension YouTube for some time.

That information is used to serve YOU, the user, ad content you have a high likelihood of being interested in, based on websites you visit and content you view. We all know this because we see ads for products we have viewed online but not purchased or business similar to ones we have purchased in the past.

So for all of YouTube’s virtue signalling, this is not about protecting their advertisers. I seriously doubt Rotita, one of my favorite low cost clothing retailers cares whose content I see their ad on. They just want to show me the adorable item they have on fire sale in hopes I will click on the link to purchase one more time.

I also doubt movie studios care if seeing their ad during Steven Crowder’s show as long as I decide to buy a ticket. And oddly, I only used to see ads on YouTube for movies similar to the ones for the trailers I had viewed in the past.

This is how almost all ad servers work on the internet. Granted an advertiser can choose to place ads in certain places. But in the internet of things, that is not common. They are generally served based on user data collected with every click you make.

So if an advertising platform I paid to deliver my ads, arbitrarily decided to cut off significant portions of the market based on some overly sensitive moron activist crying all over Twitter could be problematic. I’d be very interested in how it affected my ad placement. I would want data to understand how it changed the ROI of my ads in terms of eyeballs and clicks. If any of those decreased, I would either want to pay less or move my advertising dollars to a platform that wasn’t quite so stupid.

As a user, I have already moved my viewing of all the content I was subscribed to elsewhere. I also will not use the account tied to my Google account should I need to log on for research to write an article. I will log on as an unknown user through a browser that has enhanced privacy settings. YouTube advertisers just lost my eyeballs 75-80% of the time.

Businesses should have one goal, making money. This is why you should pay careful attention to businesses that cave to the mob. When businesses yank advertising from Tucker Carlson because the six jerks at Media Matters had a meltdown, they don’t want your business. I would strongly suggest you don’t give it to them. Even when they sneak back, as in the case of Bayer, always remember, they have no spine and your business was not really important to them.

These spineless CEO’s can kill their business by catering to the woke mob of progressive activists that make up about 8% of the population. The rest of us should reward companies like Walther and Black Rifle Coffee who seek out opportunities to communicate with us through the content we engage with.

#GoWokeGoBroke. Make it real.


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