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Facebook Got the Pelosi Video Right. The Daily Beast Got It Wrong.

A guy circulated a video of Nancy Pelosi that was slowed down to make it look like she was slurring, or something. The whole thing is actually silly. The media rushed out to scream that it was another Russia-bot and every website in the world needed to delete it. The Daily Beast went out and found the African-American blue collar worker in the Bronx who posted it and allowed a reporter to essentially out the guy to ruin his life.

Hillary Clinton and a bunch of other Democrats piled on Facebook to delete the video. YouTube did. Facebook did not, though they did stop it from being promoted all over their site.

The thing is, Facebook behaved responsibly. What the Democrats are demanding of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. is to delete everything they don’t like. You can say this video was doctored, but Democrats have been selectively editing and pushing out videos of the right for years. Media Matters just did that with Ben Shapiro last week.

More importantly, progressives are demanding a private corporation that built a platform for anyone to use suddenly take ownership of and control all the content of those users. That’s actually pretty dangerous. By making Facebook take responsibility for the content a user shares, the Democrats are opening Facebook to liability that is premised on the Democrats always getting their way on the platform.

Facebook is allowing people to use its platform and people are stupid. People are going to do stupid things. Forcing Facebook to do cleanup that the first amendment won’t let the government do if this was a government run forum is a terrible idea.

Additionally, with Twitter and other services, we all see how this works. It becomes very one sided. Twitter, for example, is unapologetically targeting conservatives and holding them to a far higher standard than progressives. The left is fine with this and wants Facebook to do the same.

Conservatives should be applauding Facebook for refusing to delete a user’s content just because Democrats did not like it. They should, frankly, be commended for standing up to Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, etc.

Contrast what Facebook did to what the Daily Beast did. The “news” organization actually went out to sabotage the life of the person who posted the video. Reporters are defending the Daily Beast for helping try to ruin the guy’s life.

This has escalated from the CNN situation where they forced some guy to apologize and promise never to post memes about CNN again or they’d destroy him. This is actually trying to destroy the guy. The Daily Beast says the story is to show Russia isn’t the only bad actor. They could have done that without providing enough information to ruin an American citizen’s life for doing something the Daily Beast does not like.

If reporters do not tone this down, they are going to find themselves doxxed, harassed, or worse and they will not find as much sympathy as they might have once found.

The sad fact here is that Facebook is the only actor with clean hands in this whole affair and conservatives should take notice and applaud. They didn’t put up a doctored video and they didn’t try to destroy someone’s life. They just let people have their community, for better or worse, online.


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