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Chuck and Nancy Might Want to Listen to Bill Maher

Over the weekend on Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian appeared to defend Donald Trump’s immigration proposal and brought it to his fellow Democrats over being too “woke”. Much of what Maher said has merit if you don’t live in the Twittersphere.

If you look at polling it suggests there are two Democratic primaries. One where Joe Biden is the lone horse in the race and one with all of the other candidates. It was evident this weekend with Biden appearing alone in Ohio and the hoard descending on the California Democratic Convention. Biden’s enduring poll number would suggest that there are more moderate Democrats than the radicals want to admit.

How long Biden can hold off the energetic radicals is a legitimate question. However, the implications of his post-announcement bump appear to be lost on the rest of the field who are generally running far to the left. This is evident if you watch footage from the California event where the rejection of socialism was booed and candidates not in favor of single payer Medicare for All were heckled.

Maher has a message for his party, and it is not the first time he has chastised the leadership for not getting it together after 2016. He is also a pretty staunch supporter of free speech, a real apostasy to the religion on the Left. Biting Trump humor aside, he almost sounds like a reasonable Democrat. If he’s not careful he may find himself sitting at a table with Dave Rubin and Sam Harris.

In this weekend’s Overtime segment, he went through a number of prepared questions with his guests. The panel included TDS sufferer Kirsten Powers and Governor Bill Weld. The latter, of course, is primarying Trump for the Republican nomination.

One of the questions pertained to Trump’s recent immigration proposal which included a movement towards more merit-based immigration. Shockingly, Maher noted that what Trump was proposing is essentially what Canada has. Powers had immediate objections saying her family came over as coal miners and immigration should include merit-based and unskilled. Apparently, she missed the memo because that plan does, but consider that par for the course.

Weld said he had to dissent and that the proposal was worth some fleshing out. To which Maher replied:

“It’s more normal Republican. The one that was ignored two weeks ago that he [Trump] put forth.”

He then referenced the administration’s move last week to put tariffs on Mexico to solve immigration and said it was crazy. Here comes the reasonable Democrat part:

I can understand how that side looks at what happened two weeks ago and says, you know what, if you’re not even going to engage on the semi-normal proposal let’s go back to crazy.

Seems to me Bill Maher is smarter than Nancy Pelosi. No solution to the problems at the border will be a weakness for Democrats in those purple districts the Speaker needs to keep her majority. In fact, he may be smarter than the entire DNC machine.

In his monologue for the same show, Maher noted that Democrat voter enthusiasm is dropping and said the party not shed the bad habits that plagued the last election despite losing to Trump. He called out three of these habits:

  • Identity politics
  • Purity tests
  • Petty infighting

He ended by saying Democrats need a coach, and that he was trying, donning a hat and whistle. He then showed clips of himself advising Adam Schiff to go on Fox, telling Democrats how to punch back to Trump’s name calling and develop a unified message. The comedian boiled it down to four simple rules:

  1. Go where the votes are. Get out of Wokeville. At least for a day.
  2. No more candidates. (Earlier he said 23 was not a primary, it was an Avengers movie)
  3. Democrats must stand up to Twitter. Catering to one contrived outrage after another makes us look weak.
  4. He wants all Democrats to memorize two words: Message Discipline

It’s pretty good advice on how not to look crazy. It is quite possible that Maher is appealing to the moderate crowd that only Joe Biden’s campaign seems to acknowledge exists.

Unlike his late-night colleagues, I can’t find him sitting down or appearing with the terrible trio of AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. However, I can find him speaking to Ben Shapiro, nodding in agreement with Jordan Peterson, having a real discussion about Islam with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and even having the Resurgent’s own Erick Erickson on a panel.

Despite his harsh snark about Republicans, as a host, he seems at least willing to sit down with people who have opposing points of view. One of the best was four years ago (language) with Dennis Miller regarding free speech.

Yet he also doesn’t seem to be as willing to engage with the super woke crowd. Is it only a matter of time before Media Matters starts kicking in Maher’s door? Could be, but I would be surprised if they get very far. In reality, he is playing to the biggest slice of the Democrat pie. And thank goodness the Democrat leadership does themselves the great disservice of not listening to his advice.


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