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Trump and Brexit Weren’t Enough. What Will It Take?

A Brief Review of Recent History

Across the pond, a storm is brewing. In the U.K., the government has completely failed to implement the will of the people. In a referendum on June 23, 2016, a majority of British citizens voted to leave the European Union. Drawing a line against unfettered immigration and for a return to sovereignty.

Vote Leave won 51.9% of votes in the EU referendum, with a standard deviation of 10.4% across UK local authority areas. A total of 46.5 million voters were registered, and 72.2% of these turned out. Thus, 17.4 million voted for Leave and 16.1 million for Remain.

Almost immediately, the actual concerns of the citizens in the majority were set aside. Those who voted Leave were characterized as racist and uneducated by the press and their intellectual betters in urban Westminster. And for nearly three years Prime Minister Teresa May has dithered, faltered and failed with an immovable Parliament completely failing to implement the will of the voters. It has even been suggested that there a be a redo on the referendum. Sound familiar?

It should, a few months later on November 9, 2016, Americans went to the polls and elected Donald Trump. Frustrated and fed up, a portion of the Republican base was sick of the GOP’s broken promises and elevated him to be the GOP nominee earlier in the summer. In the fall, disaffected working class Democrats joined with an angry GOP base, threw a bomb in the swamp and made him the leader of the free world.

Beginning the following morning, Democrats and their allies in the legacy media began a now two and a half year campaign to paint those who voted for Trump as racist xenophobes, Nazi’s, uneducated and incapable of voting in their own interest. Then the country endured endless “bombshells” intended to make us believe our elected President had colluded with the government of Russia to manipulate our elections. Then it all ended in a big nothingburger with the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Fast Forward

May 23, 2019, the elections for the European Parliament will be held. Nigel Farage, a firm Brexiteer and immigration restrictionist, has launched the Brexit Party. To the dismay of the political class, this party is expected to take somewhere around 30% of the vote according to polls.

According to Gregory Copley, the editor of Foreign Affairs, Farage’s party is pulling from all of the current parties in the UK, not just UKIP and the Tories. The Labour Party is also fracturing at least in part to the overt anti-Semitism of its leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In the U.S., a Democrat-led Congress is pursuing investigations of the President in multiple committees. They are demanding years worth of taxes and financial records from prior to Trump’s entry into the race in 2016 and issuing subpoenas for current and former members of his staff. Essentially, they are prolonging the Mueller probe by running over the same ground in a never-ending production of political kabuki theater.

The Democrats are also wrangling internally about filing articles of impeachment. Apparently, they want us to believe the President attempted to obstruct an investigation into a crime he knew he did not commit. The pressure is mounting on Speaker Pelosi to move forward.

Let’s Think About This

It is probably not unusual that the United States and the United Kingdom share a trajectory. Our entire system is based on English common law. And even though we decided to pitch the monarch, we have an awful lot in common. Let’s look at the similarities:

  • The voters in the U.S. elected Donald Trump a charismatic political outsider. Love him or hate him, people pay attention to him.
  • Voters in the U.K. appear to be poised to elect the party of a charismatic leader who is focused on fulfilling the will of the voters via Brexit.
  • Both men are called fascists, racists, isolationists, xenophobes and other derogatory names and these smears are extended to their supporters. For the latter, uneducated, unsophisticated, backward and nostalgic are also added.
  • Ugly strains of anti-Semitism are appearing in the far-left coalitions in both countries, to include the halls of power in the government.
  • That same far-left coalition is talking openly about nationalizing industries and massive redistribution programs.
  • The U.S is seeing spurts of political violence with AntiFa, and the far right. We’ve heard “Punch a Nazi” and see the insanity that is the city of Portland, where journalists have been attacked for covering the rallies of the far left.
  • Farage and a candidate named Carl Benjamin have been “milkshaked” and had other food items thrown at them during public appearances to lauding from journalists, fast food chains and others.
  • Democrats in the U.S. are on a character assassination campaign against anyone questioning the investigation conducted by Mueller or the events that led up to it. Their primary target is Attorney general Bill Barr.

What is the common thread? The will of voters has been ignored. This happened in glaring fashion in the U.K. in regards to Brexit. In the U.S. it is long-festering issues that have been turned into political footballs. Immigration, a divide that started with amnesty under Reagan continues to plague the political discourse and the political class does nothing.

The culture war also rages along geographic, political and religious lines. Abortion, trans rights, social media and more. In the public square, people are at each other’s throats. In the U.K., the police are actually monitoring platforms and particular individuals for “hate speech”. And in both countries, the companies that comprise the digital public square are being pressured to shut down one side of the debate.

What Does It Mean?

It would seem that the pattern that is emerging is going to get worse before it gets better. The political class in both countries had an opportunity to ask themselves what was going on. The U.S. elected a reality TV star to the highest office in the land. In the U.K. it was clear that the governing class was completely out of touch with more than half the voters.

Perhaps they should have looked at the issues that seemed to be causing anger and distrust and actually address them. Instead, they doubled down along with a complicit media. In the U.S. this includes deplatforming people and even trying to destroy a legitimate news network, Fox News, that does not conform to the narrative. In the U.K. it was actually suggested that they repeat the Brexit vote.

The 2020 election is shaping up to be a flashpoint in the U.S. with partisanship increasing. Pick a team, you will not have a second opportunity. The elections that begin Thursday in the U.K. are a precursor to parliamentary elections that are predicted to happen in the near term.

Why you ask? The best reason I can come up with is those who occupy the political and media class sincerely think they are better than you. Politicians ignore issues of broad agreement in favor of their own agendas. In the U.S. that mostly sounds like “Orange Man Bad”.

A large portion of the media also thinks it is their job to tell you what to think, not what happened. And in entertainment, performers have disdain for large swathes of their audience. And if you don’t agree with their point of view, you will be blackballed within the industry if you are in the audience you will be ridiculed, shamed and mocked.

Quite frankly this is a recipe for disaster. We can see the beginning of what this could look like if we look at the city of Portland. Where the cops have let the heckler’s veto turn into physical violence with almost no intervention. The fact is you can not call half of the country racists, fascists and Nazi’s because they have a different world view than you and not have bad things happen. Really bad things potentially.

It’s Going Global

The fever is spreading. A right-leaning party was just elected in Australia much to the dismay of the media and other elites. Ukraine just elected a popular comedian as President. Right-leaning governments have been elected in Brazil, Italy, India, Israel, Hungary, and Poland. Angela Merkel has announced she will not run again and Germany is seeing a far-right party emerging.

As a Buffalo Springfield crooned, “There’s something is happening here, What it is ain’t very clear….”. And those in power aren’t taking the time to stop and take a look around. If they continue to fail to do so, none of this will end well.


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