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Justin Amash May Not Be Alone in His Opinion About Impeachment

So I’m going to further touch on the firestorm surrounding Michigan Representative Justin Amash’s booming assertion from last weekend that President Trump did, in fact, meet the threshold for impeachable offenses, during the course of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Amash’s decision to speak openly – across social media, no less – about what he called his principal findings, after taking time to thoroughly review the [redacted] report and apply the law was bound to stir up trouble in the Party of Trump.

What we know about this new perversion of what the Republican Party once was, is that the central figure of authority will not be questioned or cast in a light that is anything less than glowing and worshipful.

Seriously. I thought the Obama anthems were creepy, but apparently, Republicans took a look at the drooling cult devotion of Trump’s predecessor and said, “Here – Hold my Tang.”

A primary challenger was immediately offered up against Amash.

State Rep. Jim Lower, representing District 70 in the Michigan State House begins his bio page by pointing out he’s a “Trump Republican,” and really, that’s all that’s required, these days.

Of course, that bio page had to be scrubbed after it was discovered Lower lied about putting himself through college.

A neighborhood friend pointed out that it was his father that helped Lower, financially, through college.

Is he a serious threat, otherwise?

Amash says he’s not worried.

Who knows? Maybe he has other plans for 2020.

What sets Amash apart from his colleagues is courage.

Some have argued that his decision to speak about his findings at this time was politically motivated.

He’s a Trump hater!

He’s the Deep State!

Meanwhile, his voting record for the 116th Congress session, as far as voting in line with Trump is nearly 92 percent. That puts him in the same range as reliable Trump stooges, California Representative Devin Nunes and Florida’s Matt Gaetz.

All of this is per, which tracks the way Congress votes.

One key difference in Amash, Nunes, and Gaetz is that Amash enjoys an “A” Liberty Score rating for his conservative votes, while Nunes maintains a solid “F” rating, and Gaetz manages to squeak out a “C” rating.

All that, yet, the Republican Party, led by the most thin-skinned, paranoid man to ever hold the presidency, wants his head on a spike.

See, folks? It’s not about conservatism. It’s about protecting Trump. Were conservatism the goal, now, it’s Justin Amash the party would be circling the wagons around.

With that in mind, it’s a good place to talk about cowardice.

We’ve heard from multiple sources that what you see from Republican lawmakers in public may not be what’s going on behind the scenes.

The Libertarian-leaning Amash seems unbowed by the attacks from the right, and even suggested on Wednesday that while they publicly condemn him, privately, some have been spurred to actually read the Mueller report.

Gee… Imagine that.

“There are people who are still reviewing [the Mueller report],” Amash said in an interview with CNN. “I’ve had people who, after I made my tweets said, ‘Boy, they’d better review it more carefully now and they hadn’t really gone through it before.'” 

Amash added that “volume two speaks for itself,” referring to the section of Mueller’s report that describes the special counsel’s probe into whether Trump obstructed justice. 

“So people who are baffled by it, I wonder how carefully they read volume two because it’s there. There’s a difference between skimming the pages and actually reading it and understanding it,” he said, adding that some of his peers had expressed sympathy with his viewpoints.

Cowards. So many unprincipled, mercenary cowards, too afraid of the MAGA horde to do the work of defending our republic.

Trump lashed out at Amash in his typical, schoolyard, low IQ fashion, calling the congressman a “loser” and a “lightweight.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy parroted the Trump line, agreeing that Amash was a “lightweight,” and going even further to suggest that he was simply seeking attention for himself.

Trump and other GOP lawmakers have accused Amash of leveling the impeachment charge in an attempt to gain publicity. But Amash told CNN that his “job is to defend the Constitution.”

“I’m laying out the information I want to lay out and it’s not about getting on TV or anything like that,” he said. “I want to make sure that I’m presenting it in the most clear-cut, sober way possible.”

Defend the Constitution? What an archaic notion!

Another suggestion is that Amash is setting himself up to challenge Trump in 2020 as the Libertarian candidate. There’s certainly a push for it.

He’s said his plan is to run for reelection to Congress in 2020, but he’s not taking a presidential run off the table, either.

Whatever he decides to do, he’ll have to make a decision soon. He probably shouldn’t expect any open endorsements from his colleagues, however.


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