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Donald “Master Of The Platform” Trump Tweets He Didn’t Hire The Best People

While some praise his use of Twitter, Trump’s tweets are not always covfefe and sunshine.

Yesterday, Trump was the master of the platform.  Today, Trump exposed his own stupidity on Twitter, the same platform he has supposedly mastered.

For the record, I don’t usually mind Trump’s tweets.  While far from being presidential, he has managed to tear back some of the conventions of presidential communiqués.  Granted, Obama was the first Twitter president, he stayed far away from being open about his thoughts and plans via Twitter.  For whatever it’s worth, there has to be some value in having a president who is willing to say some incredibly harsh, funny, and occasionally stupid things.  It is what has set Trump apart from his predecessors at least in terms of style.

Trump was made for Twitter.

CNN reported yesterday that Twitter co-founder Ev Williams said this regarding Trump,

“What Trump has done with Twitter is pretty genius, frankly,” Williams said in an interview with CNN Business at the Collision tech conference in Toronto on Tuesday. “He’s a master of the platform like few others.”

The president regularly uses his Twitter account to go after his political opponents and has made false and misleading statements on the platform. But Williams argued the potential negative effects of the president’s tweets on the country’s political discourse are “trivial compared to the effect of the broader media.”

But sometimes the stupid things can go too far.

Today, Trump tweeted this,

And for as much as I hate to agree with the Krassensteins (who just have to be the first people to reply to each Trump tweet), they were not wrong to point out that the statement about Tillerson is all kinds of ironic.

Trump once stated that he only hires the best people.   He has repeatedly shown an inclination, not only for hiring people who are inept, but for hiring people who are actively opposed to his agenda.

I understand it may be difficult to come across people who support the President and are willing to work for him, but at some point he had to have known that this “I only hire the best people” would come back to bite him.

The Don Jon needs to quit while he’s ahead. Just take a week where you don’t tweet EVERY single thought that enters your brain. Every comment does not need a Trumpian Twitter response.


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