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Investigation Into VA Governor’s Racist Photo: Inconclusive But Medical School Knew, Hid It from Public

Gabriella Hoffman
by Gabriella Hoffman Read Profile arrow_right_alt

Three months after it was revealed our governor, Ralph Northam, appeared in a racist photo, either in blackface or a KKK hood, a facial recognition test administrated came back “inconclusive.”

This investigation was conducted by McGuireWoods LLP, who says they were independent of EVMS. Here’s their full report.

The report claims it was an independent investigation:

McGuireWoods’ mandate was to conduct an independent factual investigation into EVMS yearbooks, including the 1984 yearbook, and examine diversity and inclusion at the school from its inception to present day. Dr. Homan directed McGuireWoods to review all the past yearbooks, determine the processes for publishing the yearbooks, discover what, if any, administrative oversight was exercised, examine the campus culture, and provide recommendations for future actions.

The McGuireWoods investigation was independent. While EVMS assisted and facilitated our efforts, McGuireWoods determined what documents to review and what witnesses to interview. We would like to thank EVMS for its cooperation and responsiveness during the investigation. EVMS provided McGuireWoods with unfettered access to EVMS documents and
members of the EVMS community. At no time did EVMS restrict our inquiry and the findings and conclusions contained herein are our own

More interestingly, EVMS apparently knew of the questionable photo and shielded it away from the public when Northam ran for lieutenant governor in 2013 and Governor of Virginia in 2017.

Two EVMS presidents who kept quiet on the photo in question apparently were donors to Northam’s campaigns. Color. Us. Shocked.

It’s important to remember these two things: First, the photo was made public by a classmate of Northam’s who found his infanticide comments on WTOP abhorrent. Second, Northam first admitted to being in it, then swiftly denied it. Today, he reiterated he wasn’t in the photo. Yeah, right. Many are rightly calling this a classic case of gaslighting.

Northam, LG Fairfax, and AG Herring—with all their scandals and inabilities to serve the Commonwealth faithfully— should have resigned with dignity back in February. Alas, they were concerned about handing all top three governmental positions to Republicans—like handing over management to the opposition party would lead to the apocalypse. If these three stooges were Republicans, they would have already been tarred and feathered and run out of Richmond by now. Because these three are Democrats, somehow their actions are excusable under the rules they’ve created.

What a double standard.

Let’s hope our fellow Virginians vote increase Republicans’ narrow margins in the General Assembly to teach these guys a lesson.


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