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Imagine Being a Rape Baby

In the aftermath of the Alabama abortion ban, you could be excused for coming to the misguided belief that rape was the primary reason the practice of abortion exists in America.  Of course it isn’t.  Less than 1% of all abortions conducted in the United States are done as a futile and foolish attempt to remove the anguish of a helpless victim by creating another helpless victim.  Well over 90% of all abortions occur for some form of convenience (not ready for a child, can’t afford a child, would interfere with plans, etc.). 

Therefore, any sane society would not be discussing the legality of abortion by talking about rape cases.  That would be like discussing the legality of posted stop signs by mentioning only the exceptional cases of drivers rushing their pregnant wives to the hospital.  Yet that’s what we do – focus on radically exceptional cases and pretend it’s the norm.

And as I watched the angry arguments unfold, I couldn’t help but be struck by the jarring dehumanization of a group of people that was taking place on both sides of this human rights debate.  I can’t imagine the feelings people who belong to that group have experienced these last several days.  I can’t imagine being a rape baby.

I can’t imagine being Daily Wire reporter Kassy Dillon or her mom:

When my grandmother looked at my mother she didn’t see the monster who raped her.  She saw an innocent baby that was half of her.  So she raised my mother despite being in poverty, working several jobs, and never owning a car. She tried her best.

I can’t imagine being accomplished lawyer and activist Rebecca Keissling:

“My birthmom was “forced to carry me” by the pre-Roe law which protected me. After being raped she sought to kill me at 2 illegal abortions. I owe my birth to the law which protected me. I deserved my right to life. Today she is thankful as well.”

I can’t imagine being a rape baby who have been told for the last week that because of the sins of their father, through no fault of their own, their lives – lives that bear the image of the Creator of the Universe every bit as much as you or I – were not worthy of legal protection.

I can’t imagine being a rape baby and hearing the pro-life people you thought were your champions as they stood and proclaimed boldly that “life begins at conception and therefore ending it necessarily kills an innocent human life,” totally throw you under the bus.  I can’t imagine hearing, “Well every life is valuable, worthy of dignity and respect…except for you,” from supposed pro-life allies.

I can’t imagine having linked arm in arm at Life Chain events or Life Marches with the very same people who are now willing to join the abortion minded left and declare that you are somehow less human because of what your dad did a long time ago.

A Facebook post I read said it perfectly: “my heart is with every child of rape, foster child, child with disability, etc. who has basically been told for the past 72 hours on all forms of news and social media they aren’t wanted and don’t deserve to exist right now.”

When our debates over policy, and our commitment to self-serving political ends results in us stripping the dignity, undermining the value, and dehumanizing fellow members of our human family, perhaps it’s time for us to learn some humility, rethink our “positions” and motivations, and choose to intentionally love others.

It may be that my dad is a far nicer man than yours.  In no sane world would that qualify me as worthier of the gift of life than you.  If that has become debatable these days, we’ve lost more than our logic and compassion.  We’ve lost our soul.


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