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A Nobody Wants To Be VP

There’s no silver medal for coming in second in an election.

Fred Hubbell says he’s open to being Vice President

Bob Stefanowski says he’s open to being Vice President

Bill Schuette says he’s open to being Vice President

I’m sorry, who?

None of that is true, but it illustrates Stacey Abram’s delusions of grandeur.  Obviously, the news here is going to focus on Georgia politics.  So while we all may know who Stacey Abrams is, the rest of the county probably doesn’t.  She made national news immediately after the 2018 election cycle with her claims of dirty election politics. 

As Georgia is back in the news with its abortion bill, it is only natural that Abrams finds herself back in the national political discourse.  But that doesn’t mean that it is anything other than a temporary reprieve from her Georgian obscurity.

The three names I mentioned at the beginning of this article are all 2018 gubernatorial losers.  I literally just looked them up and I can’t remember where the first two are from.  I’m sure that unless these individuals ran in YOUR state, you don’t know who they are either.  And they should be forgotten for the purposes of national politics.

In the 2008 election, people harangued John McCain for picking the “inexperienced” Sarah Palin to be Vice President.  Pay no attention to the not even one term Senator Barack Obama, but that’s beside the point. 

DailyCaller says this,

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams revealed Thursday that she is “open” to talking about running as the vice president for the Democratic nominee despite proclaiming weeks earlier that she doesn’t “run for second place.”

“After the determination is made about who the Democratic nominee is, if I am not that person for one reason or the other, I am open to the conversation [of running for vice president],” Abrams said while appearing on “MSNBC Live.”

In 2019, we are talking about elevating LOSERS to national office.  Not just inexperienced winners.  It doesn’t stop there, loser Robert Francis O’Rourke has floated the idea of running with loser Stacey Abrams.

This isn’t some Trumpian school yard taunt.  Political office requires relevant experience or a unique vision.  Trump gets by not having governmental, legal, or military experience because he presented a unique view (regardless of whether you agree with him). The only experience that Abrams has is as a state rep and losing a gubernatorial election.

The democratic field needs to start pairing up with existing candidates or well-known individuals outside of the current field.  Remember Tim Kaine? No, nobody does, but at least he was a US Senator.

There is no reason to pick Stacey Abrams for VP.  


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