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A Confession: I’m Okay With the Exception for Rape

We are now seeing that a lot of the pro-life movement is not really pro-life. They have been able to advance political careers by claiming they loved Jesus and babies while knowing the Supreme Court would give them cover.

Now, as pro-lifers across the country, push for new pro-life legislation, these people are being exposed.

I do, however, want to confess something about myself.

I am okay with an exception for rape when it comes to abortion.

We like to think it is a not a complicated issue. But I think it actually is a very complicated issue.

You have a child and a woman who did not ask for that child nor did she engage in consensual behavior that caused her to get pregnant. Instead, a violent act happened and the pro-life community wishes her to hold on to that pain for nine months with no closure and no father who will be called upon to help with the child.

God bless any mother who would be willing to save that life. Women who are victims of rape and who raise the child therefrom in a loving household are under appreciated heroes.

But I also know women who were victims of rape who psychologically would have rather killed themselves than go through nine months of what they view as hell. And I do not think we, as a society, should put the survivor of a traumatic event in a position where she is contemplating suicide because we in the pro-life community think it is an easy call.

In our conversations on this issue, many of us treat this as simple — save the life of the child. In talking about it that way, we often forget that there is another victim who did not ask for this.

While I am perfectly comfortable telling someone they cannot kill their child because they engaged in behavior that ultimately amounted to irresponsible or selfish behavior, I just cannot bring myself to tell a victim she must continue to suffer.

Lastly, I also think we risk turning people against the cause by a dogmatic insistence on getting rid of an exception for rape. We can pat ourselves on the back for our purity to the cause, but will ultimately doom our cause by treating a complicated issue as an easy choice of choosing the victim we cannot see for the victim we can see.

And just a quick note — yes, yes require a police report, prosecution of the prepetrator, and prohibit abortions after twenty weeks in all cases. While I am okay with the rape exception, I am not okay with allowing people to claim rape when they weren’t just to get out of a pregnancy.


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