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Every Action Has An Equal And Opposite Reaction

Obviously, the abortion debate has heated up. Bills in Georgia and Alabama that strictly limit the procedure have sparked outrage among pro-abortion groups. In turn these groups have enlisted high profile stars, such as Alyssa Milano and others to protest the laws and fan outrage.

So Ramesh Ponnuru wrote in Bloomberg today that the pro-life movement could be risking backlash for moving too quickly. By abandoning the incremental approach the movement has used for decades and asserting our strength in states where we have majorities, he fears we will alienate others and potentially hurt our cause. Odd no one on the Left cautions the pro-abortion lobby when they essentially support infanticide, but not surprising.

While I respect what Ramesh is trying to say, I would assert the abrupt movement away from incrementalism, is a backlash in and of itself.

The nation watched in horror as New York state lit their skyscrapers pink in celebration of expanding abortion to the bitter end of pregnancy under an expanded definition of health of the mother. The legislation actually defines a person as someone who has been born.

So there is no justice for a mother who loses a child she wants due to violence. In fact, Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, cited the Reproductive Health Act as the reason for dropping an abortion charge against a man who the police say fatally stabbed his former girlfriend when she was 14 weeks pregnant. The baby does not meet the legal definition of a person, so the suspect only killed its mother under New York law. Had the mother lived and the baby died, only charges for assault against the mother would be levied.

There is also absolutely no consideration for extrauterine viability in the law. It is the pitch-perfect realization of the abortion lobby’s new goal of “free, on demand, without apology, throughout pregnancy”. So far from the “safe, legal and rare” uttered by Bill Clinton that is is horrifying.

Then the country was treated to the committee hearings in Virginia when Kathy Tran was explaining the bill she supported. Upon questioning, she was clear that a woman with visible signs of impending labor could end her pregnancy. To better explain Governor Ralph Northam talked about leaving a baby already born to die while in consultation with the mother. The Left has tried to spin this, but I heard it with my own ears and so did everyone else.

Shortly after the passage of New york’s bill, Steven Crowder went undercover at a late term abortion clinic in Denver. The video is not graphic, but it is heart wrenching.

So for years, the pro-life movement had tried to incrementally restrict abortion. Congress could not manage to pass a ban after 20 weeks, or five months gestation. If you’ve known pregnant women you know the vast majority are obviously pregnant by that point. And the baby is three weeks away from a 50% chance of surviving outside the womb.

Following the comments of Governor Northam, Democrats refused to support the Born Alive bill, mandating proper care for a child born alive after surviving an abortion. Even that measure of good faith to assure us there were limits to the pro-abortion agenda was denied.

So Newton’s Third Law kicked in and the pro-life movement decided to leave incrementalism behind. Georgia’s bill seems completely consistent to me. While I believe life begins at conception, I would think as a matter of policy if we declare someone dead when their heart stops, we should consider them alive when it starts.

Clearly, this will test the boundaries of Roe v Wade and the viability standard that was articulated in Roe and reaffirmed in Casey. We know more now. 4D ultrasounds leave no question that babies are not clumps of cells. Thanks to DNA, we also know that the baby is a unique individual. It does not seem unreasonable to expect that standard to be better defined. Put a limit on the insanity of the abortion lobby and their captive Democrat allies.

Ponnuru noted the portion of people identifying as pro-life versus pro-choice has shifted according to Gallup. He noted the latest finding was a much more even 49-45 plurality for the pro-choice side. But that is only half the story as the issue is much more nuanced than that.

Before these high visibility laws, a May 2018 Gallup survey found that 60 percent of adults believe that abortion should be legal during the first three months of pregnancy, while only 28 percent believed it should be allowed in the second trimester. Only 13 percent believed that abortion should be permitted during the final trimester. 

Even more interesting, after Georgia passed its law a Hill-Harris poll of registered voters showed 45% felt these laws were too restrictive while 55% said they were either too lenient or just right. Perhaps most notable was this finding:

The youngest voters polled, those 34 and under, were most likely to say the abortion bans did not go far enough, although far less than a majority — 27 percent — said this. Forty-three percent said the laws were too restrictive while 30 percent said they were just right.

We are winning hearts and minds. And we will continue to win hearts and minds despite attempts at indoctrination of our youth. We simply know too much about life in the womb now. It’s actually the 46-year-old former sitcom star who is out of touch. However, I will thank her for reminding everyone that abstinence is a valid choice with her #SexStrike.

While I am pro-life, I was a proponent of winning the argument and making abortion unthinkable. New York and Virginia changed that. I am ready for a fight. While I don’t expect to get everything we want, it is critical that we beat back the unending march towards infanticide of the pro-abortion movement.


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