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Something Tells Me Alyssa Milano Didn’t Completely Think This One Through

I know that, suffering a staggering lack of self-awareness, former actress Alyssa Milano fancies herself a powerful social activist and thought leader.  And far be it from me to provide the pro-abortion activists in our country any advice.  But in the name of fairness, I feel it incumbent to let them know that allowing her to become the self-appointed spokeswoman for their cause is…well…not smart.  At all.

If you doubt that, get a load of this:

I imagine Milano thundering this bold initiative in front of a cross section of the general public, and everyone just turning and looking at each other mouthing, “what did she just say,” as pro-lifers slowly start a smattering of confused applause.  After all, everything about this “Sex Strike” is precisely what the pro-life movement has been advocating (in so many words) for years.

Milano’s thesis is a simple one: if women aren’t going to be allowed to have their unborn child legally murdered at any stage of pregnancy, then they just should stop having sex.  If effective, her plan will result in only the women who would potentially have their offspring killed not becoming pregnant.  How is this a big loss for the pro-life movement again?

In essence, Milano has brought the entire apparatus of abortion advocacy crashing in on itself.

  • She inadvertently affirms that abstinence is the best policy for preventing pregnancy, and has become its spokeswoman.
  • She calls on pro-abortion women to exercise personal responsibility and self-control if they are not wanting to have children.
  • She admits that abortion is chiefly a means of birth control.
  • She even exposes the “reproductive rights” phrasing for the canard it has always been.  No one is repealing the right for anyone to reproduce.  The laws she frets over are repealing the ability to kill the child that is the product of that reproduction. 
  • And she has bizarrely taken up the call of pro-life women like Lila Rose who have taught for years that, “no one should have sex until they’re ready to embrace the privilege and responsibility of lifelong commitment and raising a child.”

I admit being as humorously dumbfounded as other pro-lifers by the accidental wisdom pouring from Milano’s tweet.  Her own pro-abortion allies didn’t find it quite as funny however.  For instance, a “Ms. Deathwish” (oddly appropriate name given the issue) responded,

“My husband is as outraged as I am. Why should we not have sex? This strike may mean well and contain cheap “feel good” reactions but it pushes a sexist narrative that sex is something WE give to men as a form of currency.  That is not empowering. At all.

To add to this, I support the intent behind it but I do not support the action taken or the message it portrays. Withholding sex from men without making THEM accountable for THEIR actions achieves nothing.”

Milano’s response?

Don’t be surprised if the Planned Parenthood and NARAL ladies escort her from the stage and put Alyssa out to pasture real soon.


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