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Execute The Infant Because It Didn’t Give Its Mother Fair Notice

How rude of the child’s heart to start beating without telling its mother?

Georgia just passed a bill that would not permit abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  The heartbeat bill is being denounced by the pro-choice movement as an assault on the rights of women. 

Nevermind the rights of the child.

The idea that an innocent human being with a heartbeat shouldn’t be executed is lost on the party that refuses to execute convicted murderers and would allow incarcerated felons to vote.

Strict adherence to the dogmas of pro-abortionism is not limited to the bra-burning feminists of the 1970s.

Millennials like AOC are equally appalled that the unborn are so inconsiderate that they refuse to differentiate themselves from a late period. 

In a tweet, AOC said this:

There are two things that need to be discussed from this tweet.

The Tired Trope of Evil Pro-Life Men

The left thinks that the only noble men are men who self-identify as women or as feminists.  Any male who opposes abortion must be an incel who wants to subjugate women.  The replies to AOC’s tweet were horrendous.  There are so many instances of individuals telling men that they are not permitted to have an opinion on the subject.

I’ll make three quick points.

  • Worldly men are pro-choice because being pro-choice means they can be sexually immoral.
  • Christian men are pro-life because protecting women and children from harm is a role that has been given to us.  It is only by God’s grace that the desire to sin is suppressed and a desire for the noble fulfillment of God’s design is carried out.
  • Women are pro-life too.

A Backdoor Ban of What?

My problem with the heartbeat bill is that abortion is still permitted, albeit within a certain window.  It does nothing to stop the use of abortifacients.  It is good to have real world restrictions, but sometimes those restrictions dull the main point.  Here’s what I mean… It is good that partial birth abortion is out of bounds, we don’t want that happening.  So we scale it back to viability.  Then you have to ask, if a child isn’t viable can it be aborted?  So we get back to the first sign of a heartbeat.  So what if there is no heartbeat? See the problem?  The pro-life movement runs the risk of ceding ground for practicality’s sake.  The morning-after-pill is still abortion. 

AOC is wrong to say this is a backdoor ban of abortion since there are still methods available.  However, her point raises another issue that ties back to my first point regarding their outrage.

Perhaps it is perceived to be a backdoor ban on sexual immorality. 

Why do I say this?

People have gotten so used to being able to have sex whenever they please that abortion is a nice safety net.  If they find out they are pregnant, they can just off the kid.  These are abortions usually after a heartbeat is detected; otherwise, a women would have no reason to believe she is pregnant (which is AOC’s point).  But what committed pro-choice individuals who are sexually immoral don’t acknowledge is that every sexual encounter comes with some risk of pregnancy.  Only abstinence is 100%.  If they acknowledged that, they would be downing the morning-after-pill like candy.

If you ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected, you are requiring individuals to commit to the prospect that their immorality is going to come with real world consequences i.e. the creation of another human being.   No one likes being confronted with their sin and selfishness.  

The greatest prescription for human flourishing is as follows:

  1. Marriage
  2. Sex

In that order.  Women are safest when that order is followed.  Children are safest when that order is followed. 

Sometimes Sin And Selfishness Win Out Anyway

According to Fox32 Chicago, “A newborn baby was found abandoned on top of a trash can Tuesday in Hermosa on the Northwest Side.”

This is the evil of abortion when not masked by medical pretense and women’s rights chicanery.  

“This poor kid was minutes away from having no chance at all,” Fitzmaurice said. “The baby was cold as concrete. I wasn’t ready to lose this one, and neither were the emergency personnel”.

“Most of [the abandoned babies] don’t survive,”

And neither do aborted babies.


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