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Antisemitism And The Chabad of Poway Synagogue Shooting

There was a manifesto.

The other day, DailyMail ran an extensive article on the contents of a manifesto that is likely linked to the synagogue shooter.

DailyMail says,

The manifesto author wrote that he was carrying out the attack on the synagogue because he was a good Christian.

‘My god understands why I did what I did,’ it read, according to The Jerusalem Post

The author claims that Jewish people were responsible for the murder of Christ and now control the media and economy. 

‘Every Jew young and old has contributed to these,’ it reads. ‘For these crimes they deserve nothing but hell. I will send them there.’ 

As some will undoubtedly treat this shooting as evidence of a vast right-wing Christian conspiracy to tolerate crimes against the Jews, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Christianity and Judaism are inextricably linked. I actually wrote about this some time ago.

In October, I said this regarding the synagogue shooting in Pennsylvania.

Christians may NEVER take a hostile view of the Jews. As Paul says in Romans 11, though we are opposed to each other as far as the Gospel is concerned, the Jews are loved on account of the patriarchs. God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable.

Christians must also approach Judaism with humility. Theirs is the law and the covenants. We are just ingrafted branches. Whereas the truth of God has been revealed through creation, the law, the covenants, the patriarchs, and the prophets, thereby bringing forth natural branches, those branches were cut off, making room for wild branches. Paul says two things on this. Since God cut off the original branches because of disobedience and unbelief, how quick will He be to remove wild branches that continue in unbelief? And since God was quick to ingraft wild branches because of belief, how quick will He be to restore those natural branches?

In Jeremiah 31, God promises to make a new covenant. It was meant for the Jews. It has instead been given to the Gentiles. Paul says the Jews’ transgression means riches for the world and their loss means riches for the Gentiles. How much greater riches will their fullness bring? Salvation was offered first for the Jew then for the Gentile. Paul seems to indicate that though it is wonderful that Gentiles may be saved as a result of Israel’s unbelief, the world would have been infinitely better off had Israel remained faithful to God, if the Lord’s priestly nation and treasured possession did not disobey.

But we know that is not the end of it. There is a remnant of Israel being prepared. When Christ returns He will not reign in Rome, in London, in Atlanta, or Salt Lake City, He will reign in Jerusalem as King of Israel, over the entire world.

We needn’t go so far into the relationship between Jews and Gentiles to address the idiotic accusation the Christianity is violent or the attempt by the shooter to use Christianity as a justification for violence.

Despite no one being righteous and everyone deserving hell, there is nothing in scripture that permits violence.  Jesus says that when we merely hate someone we have murdered them in our hearts.  Christians are to be constantly examining our thoughts and mortifying what is left of our sinful nature.  That means affording hate no room.  Even in the most extreme cases where Christians face actual persecution, we are told to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us (The Jews are NOT persecuting anyone by the way).  Paul reminds us that vengeance is the Lord’s.  Civil governments exist as agents of God’s wrath, not individuals.

Lastly, I’d like to address this idea that the Jews are uniquely responsible for Jesus’ crucifixion.  It’s true that the Jews killed Jesus inasmuch as Jesus was a Jew who was crucified for violating Jewish law.  But the grander purpose of His sacrifice has little to do with the ethnic makeup of those responsible outside of the sequence of when salvation was offered to whom.   Sinful humanity killed Jesus.  The sin of gentiles was placed on Jesus while on the cross.  Paul says so.  Jesus was crucified because of my sin and your sin. 

The Jews are still God’s chosen people.  God made a promise to them.  Because of that, Christians must wait in hopeful anticipation for God’s plan for a redeemed Israel.  And nowhere does that include hating the Jews.


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