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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Writes a Fairytale

Someone sent me this:

So I actually thought Representative Ocasio Cortez was going to drop something substantial on her pet project. I mean her team has been working on it for months, I had expectations.

I was expecting some solid policy outlines. Maybe even economic proposals that backed up her “aspirational” resolution. I guess I expect too much. Instead, I got a bedtime story set in 2028.

Read in AOC’s saccharine and earnest voice, with no code speak, the freshmen congresswoman spins a fairy tale of epic proportions. Before I savage this insulting and sophomoric pile of unicorn farts, let me be clear. Am I open to the possibility the climate may warm? Sure. I am just as open to the idea it may cool. Could human beings and the way we live have an impact? Probably.

But you may call me skeptical of the current climate cabal, because I also took a few science and statistics classes:

No aspirational policy full of unicorn farts and social justice garbage is going to stop the planet from evolving. Human beings will deal with the impacts the way we always have. Through innovation and adaptation. Imagine the shock of the folks who crossed from modern Russia to Alaska on a land bridge and returned to find it had disappeared. They survived and adapted.

A short list of the policies the bedtime story above includes :

  • Medicare for All
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee
  • Building a new Smart Grid
  • Retrofitting every building in America
  • Mandatory unionization in federal jobs programs
  • Universal Child Care
  • Publicly funded political campaigns
  • Wage guarantees for teachers and various low skill jobs

What does any of this have to do with environmental policy? Nothing. I am all for clean air, clean water, and sustainable food production. I have zero interest in an “environmental policy” that is simply a cover for massive government intervention in the economy. And AOC let the cat out of the bag early in the story. Because some climate scientists, who have yet to make an accurate prediction, say there are only 12 years left to cut our emissions in half Ocasio-Cortez says:

“The only way to do it was to transform our economy. Which we already knew was broken since a vast majority of wealth was going to just a small handful of people and most folks were falling further and further behind. It was a true turning point.”

Fade to the visual representation of massive wealth redistribution:

We are living in a great economy with fantastic jobs numbers across all groups, but things are terrible. This is probably because the crushing economic crisis that DSA founder Michael Harrington believed was required to advance the Democratic Socialist agenda never materialized. So placing an environmental emergency in the near term future is the next best bet. Give, Me. A. Break.

Of course, the villains in this story are the oil companies. largely ExxonMobil, who spent money lobbying on behalf of their industry. She is completely mute on the dark money that flows like lava through the climate movement and people like Al Gore who have profited handsomely. I detailed a minuscule fraction of this web of money in a Twitter thread earlier this year.

Not to mention this whole bag of socialist garbage is not AOC’s invention. It was actually proposed for the first time by communist wingnut Jill Stein in 2012 and 2016.

And if you need further proof this has very little to do with environmental policy, meet Sean McElwee. Sean is the founder of Data for Progress, a far-left think tank and an affiliate of Tides Advocacy. His organization has created the “Greenprint” for the green New Deal. Here is what he had to say earlier this year:

Cute bedtime story Alexandria. And pretty pictures. But when the founder of the think tank that provides data for the Justice Democrats and is developing the underpinning policies for your aspirational resolution tells me exactly what the goal is, I am going to believe him.


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