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Eventually, You Run Out of Other People’s Money

The most amazing part of this is the majority of Californians will not even whimper. They are so used to being taxed to death that they might not even notice. But remember, these are the people that want to rule you. Listen carefully Dallas, Houston and Austin. Representative Cheri Bustos, Chair of the DCCC says she’s gunning for you to help flip Texas blue. And I don’t believe for one minute this is the world you want to live in.

Just as Californian’s are grappling with the SALT cap on their outrageous property and state taxes, lawmakers in Sacramento are looking to eek a few more dollars out of their residents. And folks this isn’t all a scheme to tax the wealthy. The headline from the L.A. Times:

Sacramento wants to tax soda, tires, guns, water, pain pills, lawyers, car batteries…

Wow, the …. at the end is especially concerning. Let’s take a closer look.

There are a whole bunch of taxing ideas in the Capitol: on new tires, firearms, water, prescription painkillers, lawyers, car batteries, corporations based on their CEO pay, estates worth more than $3.5 million, oil and gas extraction.

The list goes on.

Everyone uses water. And last I heard the drought was over. So what’s with that? New tires are equally strange. Most Californians in and around the Bay Area and L.A. commute by car. Some a fair distance due to outrageous housing prices. And because prescription drug prices aren’t any sort of issue, let’s tax the folks in chronic pain. You know, terminal cancer patients and the like who rely on prescription pain medications to maintain their quality of life.

Speaking of housing prices, a $3.5 million dollar estate, assuming that refers only to real property may sound like someone dripping in money to you. Consider this, a home that had burned down sold for $900,000 in San Jose. And the median housing price in Santa Clara is $1.4 million. Or you could pick up this little gem in Los Angeles in a decent school district for $1.35 million.

From Zillow

Currently, the California Tax Foundation is estimating $6.2 billion in new taxes have already been proposed by the state legislature. They expect this number to grow. And clearly, it will be coming out of the pocket of everyone. Not just the very wealthy.

And a majority of Californians already feel like they are overtaxed.

Polls show that California voters already think they’re overtaxed. No surprise there.

When voters were asked recently by the Public Policy Institute of California whether they paid more or less state and local taxes than they should, the answers were: more 63%, the right amount 32%, less 4%.

Wait until they are being charged $.24 for every 12-ounce soda they buy. This is California’s way of discouraging residents from drinking sugary beverages. Because we all know you are incapable of making that decision for yourself. You silly peasant.

Forget about the fact that over 50% of residents are seriously considering relocation out of state. Don’t worry at all there is effectively no middle class at all in the state. Or that a family of four in San Francisco is considered to be “low income” if they make $117,000 per year.

Are lawmakers from this hot mess of a state really the people you want making decisions for you? They pride themselves on being “Progressive”. It doesn’t sound like it’s all that easy for most people to make any progress at all in California. And now their Democrat run government wants to hit them in the pocket again.


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