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2020 Field Expands Again

If secular scientists are correct, the universe will keep expanding until it faces a “heat death.” The universe will have gotten so big that it shuts down and burns out.

The Democratic Party is reaching a critical mass for 2020. There are so many people running that one questions the amount of energy needed to sustain these political processes across a field of twenty-some candidates.

Today alone, we have added two more. Though one of them is an unofficial announcement.

We now have…

Tim Ryan of Ohio and Eric Swalwell of California.

Tim Ryan has been a congressman since 2003, placing him in the lead in terms of experience among those from the House.

Eric Swalwell is from the House class of the 113th Congress. This group includes Tulsi Gabbard and Robert O’Rourke.

Tim Ryan has an interesting record. He fought hard in 2016 to unseat Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. Ideologically, he is not as far left as Swalwell, but there are plenty of democrats to his right. He is and claims to be progressive despite others who may try to characterize him as a moderate. Here is his location on the ideological spectrum of congress.


Eric Swalwell is about seven dots to Ryan’s left. Swalwell is particularly focused on gun control. Going so far as to cite the government’s possession of nuclear weapons as a reason why the Second Amendment no longer serves as a deterrent for tyranny.

Who’s All In?

Last month, I provided an update to the 2020 field. I will update it again today.

As of March 4th, the list looked like this (excluding a novelty candidate or two)

  • Cory Booker – Current US Senator from New Jersey (since 2013)
  • Pete Buttigieg – Current Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (since 2012)
  • Julian Castro – Former HUD Secretary under President Obama (2014-2017)
  • John Delaney – Former Congressman from Maryland (2013-2017)
  • Tulsi Gabbard – Current Congresswoman from Hawaii (since 2013)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand – Current US Senator from New York (since 2009)
  • Kamala Harris – Current US Senator from California, (since 2017) Former AG of California (2011-2017)
  • John Hickenlooper – Former Governor of Colorado (2011-2019)
  • Jay Inslee – Current Governor of Washington (since 2013) Former Congressman (1993-2012)
  • Amy Klobuchar – Current US Senator from Minnesota (since 2007)
  • Bernie Sanders – Current US Senator from Vermont (since 2007) Former Congressman (1991-2007)
  • Elizabeth Warren – Current US Senator from Massachusetts (since 2013)

Since then, the list now includes these people:

  • Tim Ryan – Current Congressman from Ohio (since 2003)
  • Eric Swalwell – Current Congressman from California (since 2013)
  • Mike Gravel – Former Senator from Alaska (1969-1981)
  • Wayne Messam – Current Mayor of Miramar Florida (since 2015)
  • Robert Francis O’Rourke – Former Congressman from Texas (2013-2019)
  • Marianne Williamson – Spirituality Lecturer
  • Andrew Yang – Businessman

Of course, we are still waiting on a few others.

  • Joe Biden
  • Stacey Abrams
  • Bill De Blasio
  • Terry McAuliffe

When we are all done, we could see more than 23 candidates. Who knows how many more congressmen will decide to jump in. They tend not to run, but we have seen a lot for 2020. There may be some senators or governors who have yet to announce their candidacy. There may be more private citizens or local officials that decide to run. I have never seen this many mayors running for president

Democrats, if you want my advice, pair up sooner rather than later. Drop out and be ready to settle for a VP spot. I’d suggest that democratic voters write in to their preferred candidate urging them to follow my advice.

David Thornton points out how this is different when compared to the GOP primary in 2016.

Twenty-three is a lot. The universe has expanded, and unless it coalesces around a source of energy, there will be political heat death.


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