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“Unplanned” Was Made For You, The Mother In Crisis

I did cry.

“I don’t know what to do” was the line in the movie when I finally teared up. That’s when it got to me.

I’m talking about the latest movie that Hollywood tried to abort. “Unplanned” is the story of Abby Johnson, former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, who became a traitor to women’s reproductive rights because her own soul couldn’t bear the weight of guilt.

The best way to describe the movie is to compare it to a visit to the National Holocaust Museum, or to the 9/11 Memorial, or to anyplace where thousands of innocents died. You could have heard a butterfly’s wings flap when this movie was playing, because it silences audiences in a quilted fugue of reality.

There was no suspension of disbelief that the scenes depicting an actual abortion were in fact what happens during an actual abortion. It was as real as the beach scenes in “Saving Private Ryan,” and left me just as slack-jawed. Abby Johnson’s story happened. It was real.

The acting was decent. The script wasn’t wooden or forced. The message wasn’t hammered into your head. It didn’t need to be, because it was real.

Right now as you read this, women, young and old, are discovering their unplanned “crisis” pregnancies. These aren’t “social constructs” or “gender identities” or some abstract ideal. They are biological facts. If not stopped, a baby will grow inside a woman who has had sex and conceived a child.

These women don’t know what to do. They don’t know who to tell. They are scared that boyfriends will desert them. They are afraid to tell their parents. They just want the whole thing to go away. Planned Parenthood sells itself to these women as a magic wand, if the price can be paid, but they present themselves to the world as some kind of avatar for “women’s reproductive rights.”

The magic wand is an abortion, which makes the physical baby go away, but never can erase the memory of his or her death. A woman may have the legal right to kill her baby, but she has nowhere to hide from the memory that she had a baby inside her to kill. And this is why Planned Parenthood and its supporters don’t want anyone to see “Unplanned.”

There is an answer to the statement, “I don’t know what to do,” and that answer almost never involves abortion. (I say “almost never” because I would willingly trade the 1 or 2 percent of women who obtain abortions for medical or physical reasons, for the 98 percent or more who get them because they don’t know what to do. If you’re one who wants 100 percent or nothing, don’t email me–you’re part of the problem.)

If women were really given reproductive choice, they’d be given the full story and the options available to them. They’d be shown the ultrasound of the baby growing within them. They’d hear the motorboat sound of the child’s heartbeat. But Planned Parenthood’s magic wand–like all stage magic–only works in ignorance, silence and misdirection.

Abby Johnson woke up from the illusion and decided to expose the illusionists. The point of the movie–and Abby’s journey, is the realization that the war is simply one woman pleading “I don’t know what to do,” and another woman or man standing up and saying “I’m here for you and I’ll tell you the truth.”

As a culture, we’re also moving toward a tipping point. Teenagers are having less sex (we can thank social media, ubiquitous porn and video games for that). And more young people are realizing the dehumanizing value of a life taken for convenience. This is why the March for Life in Washington D.C. has become an enormous event (which is totally ignored by the main stream media).

It’s why similar marches are taking hold in places like Richmond, in response to political leaders who are indifferent to the cold suffering of an infant born-alive in an abortion attempt, as he dies, kept physically “comfortable” but emotionally already murdered by his mother and her “doctor.”

The only parallel to the reality of abortion I can summon is looking at some of the exhibits at museums dedicated to the Holocaust or other atrocities. Abortion is its own killing field, far outpacing Pol Pot. It is sustained only by the ignorance of its supporters, the panic and stress of women in crisis, and the moral decrepitude of those who perform the excision of their own souls, one baby at a time.

The tipping point cannot be won any other way than one woman at a time. If you are a women in crisis, or you know one who is, know that the movie “Unplanned” was made for you. It was made to show you that your life matters.

If you’re pleading “I don’t know what to do,” then text “HOPE” to 73075.

There’s hope and there is life. We can redeem the deaths of millions of aborted children, if we can help one woman at a time through the tipping point.

“Unplanned” may be the lever to do just that.


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