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Brexit in Jeopardy as May and Corbyn Secretly Meet

Another eventful – if by eventful we mean historically unprecedented – day in Westminster.

Here is a brief, and by no means complete, list of the happenings around Brexit over the past not-quite-24 hours:

  • Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn met to try and brainstorm a deal that they could pass before the revised April 12 Brexit deadline
  • Theresa May basically ruled out no-deal as an option, and inflamed tensions within the Conservative Party she leads as Prime Minister
  • As a result, two of May’s Cabinet ministers resigned in protest – Nigel Adams and, more significantly, Brexit minister Chris Heaton-Harris, who has put in enormous effort to prepare the UK for the contingency of leaving the EU without a deal
  • The House of Commons has been debating whether or not to have more votes on alternatives to a no-deal Brexit
  • The EU, for its part, appears to increasingly accept the likelihood that a no-deal Brexit is going to happen
  • All the tiny (irrelevant) parties in Parliament have banded together to call for a second referendum

Here is the letter from Brexit minister Chris Heaton-Harris:

“I completely understand you do not want to leave the European Union without a negotiated deal and that obviously makes my job in Government irrelevant.”

Here’s a guy tasked with working to prepare for a no deal Brexit that was always seen as possible, and now Theresa May has pretty much thrown all of that out the window.

But here’s the most important thing he says:

“I truly believe our country would have swiftly overcome any immediate issues of leaving without a deal and gone on to thrive.”

And most Britons feel this way, too. A new poll out today shows that more UK citizens would prefer a no-deal Brexit over remaining in the European Union.

But what’s REALLY interesting is this bit of data. The Labour Party has a huge contingent in favor of leaving without a deal:

More updates as they come.


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