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Trump Violates Reagan’s 11th Commandment

Is there anyone left who still believes Donald Trump got into politics for any other reason than to up his brand?

The man’s narcissism and need to belittle or diminish his betters is boundless.

With that in mind, I can’t help but think of all the cries from the right to remember the great Ronald Reagan’s so-called 11th Commandment:

You don’t speak ill of fellow Republicans.

How has that worked out in the age of Trump?

If you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of years, you know the lessons of Reagan have been lost.

In fact, while speaking at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual Spring dinner on Tuesday, President Trump couldn’t resist reliving the 2016 election, and tossing in a jab at the 40th president, while he was at it.

At issue was Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Many of us are aware that it was a rip off of Reagan’s “Let’s Make America Great” slogan.

Trump’s views were characteristically pompous and self-absorbed.

“Do I go with Make America Great Again, or do I go with Keep America Great, because I made it great in theory,” Trump told the crowd. “How do you give that up for a new one? KAG? Keep America Great?”

It was great, long before the age of Trumpism. Only someone with no love of the nation would say otherwise.

In fact, how is Trump any different than the far left, who see our nation as a broken, racist, hateful place, in need of transformation from the bottom up?

I’ll save you the trouble of puzzling that one out: He isn’t.

Trump then added MAGA “was made up by me.”

It was not.

“We ran on a theme: Make America Great Again. And a lot of people are saying that may have been the greatest theme ever in politics. Ronald Reagan had a small thing called ‘Let’s Make America Great.’ That was good, Trump said earlier in the evening. “I don’t like it as much. And he sure as hell didn’t use it as much.”

Reagan. A small thing.

There’s a reason Ronald Reagan has been held up as the standard for conservative idealism for so long.

He understood that the presidency was the office of a servant to the nation, not a monarchy. Congress did not exist to serve as serfs to the throne.

He was called the Great Communicator because few before or after were as gifted at giving voice to the heart of conservatism. With both humor and gravitas, he drew the listener to the message.

In both image and spirit, he was a leader.

To have a man of the lowest level of character, such as Donald Trump take such a petty swipe at him is disgusting.

But it’s all about priorities, isn’t it?

“We’ve sold millions and millions of hats. Now you go to a rally everybody has a red hat.”


Of course, bumper sticker slogans are about the extent of Donald Trump’s intellectual heft.

He also took shots at his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, for paying someone to come up with her “Stronger together” slogan.

It was a pretty lame slogan, but Trump has been running on the fumes of the 2016 election for over two years now. At some point those glory days will fade, and while I’m sure President Trump will be talked about and analyzed for many years to come, it will be as a cautionary measure. There will be no swell of pride. There may be strong pangs of embarrassment, however, and the GOP are not likely to ever recover the high road they once enjoyed.


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