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They Are Protesting….Again

YAWN. These people are so predictable. And boring. But this may be the dumbest one yet. And I mean dumber than the p*ssy hats.

Although I am sure it will be covered breathlessly on MSNBC and CNN, I have a hard time believing the average American will care. Unless these tools ruin the commute home, which is a distinct possibility.

According to NBC:

A coalition of the nation’s biggest progressive grassroots organizations is activating a nationwide protest plan in response to Attorney General William Barr’s expected failure to meet a Tuesday deadline set by House Democrats to release special counsel Robert Mueller’s full Russia report to Congress.

With hundreds of locations set across the country, Stand Up America,, Indivisible and Public Citizen are among the groups orchestrating a “Nationwide Day of Action” on Thursday, according to a release provided to NBC News.

So these geniuses are going to protest an arbitrary deadline set by Representative Jerry Nadler for Attorney General William Barr to turn over the Mueller Report in its entirety. So desperate are they for a single whiff of something questionable they can cling to, they are attempting to smear the new Attorney General.

The new Attorney General who could not have been any more transparent about the process and exactly what is going to be turned over. Since some of it is prohibited by law. The new AG who has asked Special Counsel Robert Mueller to help him prepare the report to turn over. You know, Saint Mueller. The one who was supposed to deliver the left from their 2016 loss.

The funniest, and perhaps most pathetic, part of this is they had to change the focus of their protest:

The plan marks a shift in strategy for the coalition, which had for months been planning a protest in anticipation that the Mueller report might not be released to the public at all. 

Ooops! AG Barr has already committed to delivering a redacted report by mid-April. Further he has been explicit about what will necessarily be redacted:

  • Grand jury information that needs to remain confidential by law
  • Information that would unduly infringe on the personal privacy and reputational interests of peripheral third parties consistent with Justice Department protocol
  • Material the intelligence community identifies as potentially compromising sensitive sources and methods
  • Material that could infringe ongoing investigations or matters referred by the Special Counsel to other jurisdictions

These are all reasonable items. There were hundreds of interviews. Some with people who were never under suspicion of any wrongdoing that do not need to be exposed. The other items would be redacted in the normal procedures of the intelligence and criminal justice communities.

In addition, AG Barr was explicit in his communications to Congress that President Trump will defer to the AG’s review. There are no plans to submit the report to the White House prior to Congress. So no claims of Executive Privilege are anticipated. AG Barr has also already committed to testifying in front of both the House and the Senate on May 1st and May 2nd respectively.

So what exactly are these drama queens protesting? Really not sure. Especially since their caped crusader, Robert Mueller will be participating in the review for redactions. He spoke up when Buzzfeed reported something incorrect. Do you really think he would not speak up if he felt critical information was redacted? Of course not.

So march. Do your “Day of Action”, which is code for the ongoing three-year temper tantrum. Kind of like parenting a toddler, we’re tuning you out.


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