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The Left Is Mourning the Death of Civility

OMG! Tucker Carlson called Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a moron! Donald Trump called Representative Adam Schiff a pencil neck! One has a TV show. The other a bully pulpit. The mourning from the left about the death of civility is real.

And I just sit here and shrug. After eight years of being called a racist for disagreeing with the policies of Barack Obama I’m over it. After Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and Democrats in general have been referring to half of the country as deplorable, bigoted, racist or some other slur for the last three years I am really over it.

Then the New York Times green lights editorial after editorial that tells me I am not in control of my own vote. Or that I kowtow to my husband’s political preferences in support of The Patriarchy™. And that white women, in general, are problematic. Now, I couldn’t care any less.

The insults to people who don’t reside in coastal urban areas have been leveled in arrogant terms since Barack Obama hit them for clinging to their guns and religion. Those who have concerns about illegal immigration and refugees are smeared as racist to prevent fact based and honest discourse. And don’t you dare insinuate a certain religious ideology might have a link to terrorism. ISLAMAPHOBE!

But the left is very concerned about civility. Even the moron weighed in.

She is so civil you guys! Or maybe not.

Because painting a movement founded on fiscal responsibility and being Taxed Enough Already, hence the TEA party, as a bunch of racists xenophobes is totes civil. To the left, this is now a fact. Perfectly acceptable to state on television as if there is no counter to their assertion. Or a counter to any assertion they make about anything. Racist.

Tucker is not wrong in his assessment of Ocasio Cortez’s smugness and air of being somehow morally superior to her political opponents. And if my own kid put those two thoughts together and couldn’t identify their own logical fallacy, I might call them a moron. Because to not be able to see it is moronic.

And Adam Schiff went on cable news, sometimes daily, to accuse President Trump of being some kind of Manchurian candidate. A Russian asset and traitor in the White House. Apparently Special Counsel Mueller could not find any proof that was true. And Schiff can not produce the iron clad proof he always said he had.

So I believe the President’s frustration and anger are righteous. I no longer care that he uses nicknames to express those emotions. And in reality, Adam Schiff’s neck is pretty thin. Proportionally speaking.

So I am done worrying about “civility”. But I agree with AOC’s idea of productive discourse. She should start by sitting down with someone who doesn’t think she is like simply wonderful and super smart. Someone that might even ask her a challenging question. And maybe Schiff could lead an honest discussion about solutions to the problem at our border in the House. Instead of perpetuating endless divisive investigations because ORANGE MAN BAD.

I wish it were different. I prefer discussing ideas and respectfully hashing out personal and political differences. This is one reason I watch Ben Shapiro’s Sunday show, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan and other videos of smart heterodox folks discussing complicated topics and agreeing to disagree when necessary. That is not the nature of our current politics. And it did not start with President Trump.

Would I say it should change? Absolutely. Do I believe it will any time soon? Probably not. So until then, I will sit back and let the more provocative members of the right land a counterpunch or two. Including the President. And seriously not care.


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