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You Hate Erick Erickson Because He’s More Honest Than You’ll Ever Be

Upfront disclaimer: no one at Resurgent, including Erick Erickson, asked me to write this. I write of my own choice, in response to things I have read said about a fundamentally decent guy that bothered me.

Of late, some have taken to disparaging the character of The Resurgent’s Editor, Erick Erickson. Okay, I’m being a bit dishonest.

Because “disparage” is too light a word. It is more accurate to say that certain elements of the remaining #NeverTrump movement, disgruntled moderates, and the usual suspects on the far-left have seen fit to try and totally destroy Erick.

He’s doing it for the money, they say.

He’s just a shill for the president, others say.

He was never really honest about his opposition to Trump in the first place, still others say.

But all of you haters just need to crawl back into the slimy abyss you came from, because you don’t know anything about who Erick Erickson is or what drives him. Your opinion of his character, frankly, does not matter one iota.

Let’s all pause and travel back in time. It’s 2016, and Donald Trump has become the nominee of the Republican Party. A lot of folks were uneasy about him, but most were hopeful that he would do what he said.

A number of conservatives spoke up in opposition to Trump. But let’s be honest here: few had as much to lose as Erick Erickson.

Erick was the founder of one of the most influential and popular conservative blogs on the internet, RedState. He was declared by Atlantic Magazine the most influential conservative in America in 2015. He was a constant presence in the national media, a guest in demand everywhere. He knew (and knows) virtually everyone in the conservative movement on a first-name basis.

And yes, haters, he had a big TV contract with Fox News. But if he was in this for the money, as some of you claim, he would have kept his mouth shut and said what he was expected to say. Did he?

Heck no.

Not only did he get a pay cut, his airtime went basically to zero. All because he continued to stand by his convictions. And he suffered many financial consequences because of that.

He also had people show up at his house and threaten him for not backing Trump.

He also had people harrass his wife at church because he didn’t back Trump.

His kids were bullied at school and yelled at in public places because he didn’t back Trump.

His advertisers were harrassed because he didn’t back Trump.

Let me ask you: How many of you, in a similar position, would make those choices? What reason would Erick make them for, if not honest conviction?

Maybe you’ve been 100% Trump from the beginning, maybe you’ve been 0% and still are. But fess up: this man is clearly not in it for any reason other than he believes in what he says.

And tell me: how many people do you know who would post an article such as this one, publicly expressing doubts about what they’re doing, and questioning their own relevance?

Certainly not a dishonest shill. Certainly not someone in it for the money.

If Erick Erickson has a problem, it’s that he is too honest for a culture that is scared to death of people who don’t wear a mask all the time.

But my goodness, wouldn’t you rather have that than a bunch of dishonest political pundits who say what they say to get ratings?

Wouldn’t you rather have people who write about what they’re interested in, instead of plastering sensational headlines to get clicks and likes?

Wouldn’t you rather have someone who has the guts to say that hey, I’ve changed my mind? Think about all the myriad pundits and commentators who contort themselves like yoga instructors to fit whatever is the “in” sentiment. Few of those people can ever admit that they’re wrong; it’s bad for business.

You hear me? It’s bad for business. Erick’s “angle” with some of these media outlets for the last couple of years was that, here’s a conservative who has publicly opposed the President. Now he’s decided that, given President Trump’s accomplishments, his convictions urge him to support him going forward. Of course, he already had alienated some folks with his prior convictions. Tough spot, hm?

Pretty stupid strategy for someone trying to “make money” off of this, wouldn’t you say?

But Erick’s not in this for the money. And he’s one of the only political pundits I can say that about.

It’s also why those of you who want to destroy his character hate him.

Because he’s more honest than you’ll ever be.


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